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What to Look For When Choosing and Buying a Gun Safe?

What to Look For When Choosing and Buying a Gun Safe?

What to Look For When Choosing and Buying a Gun Safe?

What Is a Gun Safe?

Gun safes provide a secure way to store valuables, firearms and ammo. There is always a certain level of safety that comes with having a gun safe; one that is well-built and can stand up to the elements will be more expensive than one made from less secure materials. Modern gun safes come in all shapes and sizes, offering additional space for mixed valuables such as jewelry, family heirlooms or any precious items that need to stay safely locked away. They are usually tall and narrow, allowing you to fit tall firearms on end so you don’t need to worry about them getting scratched or damaged. You can find the perfect gun safe to suit your budget – all while knowing your valuables are tucked away securely with minimal effort.

Gun Safes: What Makes Them Different?

For valuables such as handguns or jewelry, security is paramount. Gun safes come in a variety of sizes, so it’s important to pick one that will fit your needs – if you have just a few valuables, you can get away with a smaller safe that can be installed in the wall or floor; on the other hand, if you already have many valuables or expect to acquire more in the future, it might be wise to buy a larger safe. The thickness of the walls and doors of the safe also makes a difference – thinner materials offer less protection from burglary, but with heavier construction makes these items more secure from both physical attacks and natural catastrophes like fire and floods. Furthermore, it is good practice to look for different types of locks that offer quick access without sacrificing on safety.

Locks are an essential piece of security equipment, and there are many different types to choose from. Fingerprint recognition locks provide quick access but electronic locks can break down or malfunction. On the other hand, manual combination dial locks are known for their security and reliability, making them a popular choice with homeowners. To ensure that they meet high standards, manufacturers have their safes certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Depending on the UL rating given to the safe, consumers can decide which lock is best suited for their residential security needs. The higher the UL rating of a safe, the more secure it is likely to be.

Do I Really Need a Gun Safe?

Owning a firearm involves a high sense of responsibility and security. Without the necessary protection, firearms can become vulnerable to theft, accidents, and other repercussions. In some states, including Portland, you can be held liable for any damage or losses caused with an unsecured firearm. To keep your collection protected from intruders and other climate-related dangers like fire or dampness, investing in a gun safe is essential. High quality safes are tailored to protect firearms against internal moisture and corrosion that might otherwise devalue your investment over time. A gun safe also carries the added benefit of ensuring that curious hands don’t get into unfortunate instances where someone tries to “play” with a firearm without understanding the risk of death or injury involved in the careless act.

Home Security:

Home safety is very important, and purchasing a good quality safe can provide much better protection against burglars. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a completely burglary-proof safe, but ones with heavier weights are harder to take away since most thieves are in too much of a hurry to do so. Additionally, experts recommend safes that weigh at least 750 pounds, to which another 200 pounds of firearms can be added for extra security. Bolting the safe to the floor provides an even more secure solution, as it limits the possibility of removal. However, buyers should also be aware that there are some thieves who might come prepared with a dolly to transport their loot – making timely access even easier for them.

What to Look For When Choosing and Buying a Gun Safe?

Which features should I look for when buying a Safe?

When buying a safe, consider the size, type of lock, fire rating, and environmental resistance. The size should be based on what you plan to store in the safe. The type of lock should fit your needs for access. The fire rating should be high enough to protect your items in the event of a fire. Lastly, environmental resistance should be high enough to protect your items from water, dust, and extreme temperatures.


You are more likely to lose your guns to fire than to theft. For many gun owners, having a high fire rating is crucial. Safes are rated according to the maximum temperatures they can withstand, according to UL fire ratings. Fires often produce temperatures of 1,200 degrees or higher. Safes must maintain 125°C to 350°C inside to achieve UL ratings. A temperature inside the safe over 350 degrees can cause the steel and plastic components of the gun to warp and become unusable. Moreover, the heat could damage the safe by exploding ammunition. A small safe reaches its limit after approximately 30 minutes. A reliable safe lasts about an hour. Using sheetrock wedged between steel plates can be an effective heat insulator. The insulating properties of sheetrock, heavy steel plates, and expanding seals further enhance fire-resistant safes.


Definitely,  look for a moving rack to store your rifles. Select safes with thick steel walls and solid steel doors. Choose a safe with external hinges. as they make transport and repairs easier.  This also allows the doors to open wider. Additionally, to bolster the safety of your firearms always go for an external locking mechanism.

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