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Testimonials, Ratings & Reviews

Testimonials, Ratings & Reviews




At Locksmith Monkey we want to know how well we are serving our customers. We like to learn from them, for without understanding their needs, how can a Locksmith continually strive for perfection in every way?

We believe that the mark of a great Locksmith is in how it strives to make things right if somebody ever feels a Locksmith doesn’t meet and exceed their expectations.

So we encourage our customers to post their honest reviews about their experiences with us first at Google Places, Google Plus, Yelp, and Facebook.

Below are just a few of the thank you notes our customers have sent to us in the past year. You may also read reviews on Social Media, or please feel free to post your own review.

We hope that you will come and be apart of our story very soon.


Rated 5/5 based on 244 customer reviews
Local Locksmith Portland

Wes was awesome, same day service and rekeyed my locks perfectly for a fair price. Also provided great advice on double sided deadbolt placements!

Michael K. On Google rekeyed my locks June 20, 2019

I was very impressed with the efficiency and ease of getting two new keys made for my car.(I had called another place in town and they never even returned my call!) I spoke with a gentleman last evening, made appointment and Ilan was at my house this morning. He was polite, knowledgeable and has a good sence of humor! He even took a few moments and chatted with myself and elderly mother when he was done. Highly recommend this company, would not hesitate to use them again!!
Thanks again!!

Lori C. Oregon City, OR Car Key Copy June 20, 2019

Excellent service. Locksmith was running late and called twice to let me know. He was friendly, quick and efficient. Had 3 residential locks re-keyed and repaired within 45 minutes. Definitely recommend and would use again.

Felicia M. On Google Locks re-keyed June 12, 2019

Wes was fantastic. He was prompt, quick, friendly and available on a dime. Highly recommend Locksmith Monkey đź‘Ś

Jesse C. On Google North Portland June 6, 2019

My car was broken into today and they really messed up the locks. Barack came out to my house on a Sunday night a fixed my locks and did so within an hour. Not only that, he was super nice and friendly AND gave me tips on how to prevent my car from future break-ins (it’s evidently a popular car to steal) and pointers on how to address my insurance company. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Leslie V. Car locks repair May 20, 2019

These guys are great! Very efficient and responsive to an emergent lockout!! Thank you!

Rebecca P. On Yelp Emergency Lockout May 20, 2019

Ilan is the man, he very fast and efficient and helped change the lock on my house. I would recommend him over any Locksmith in Portland.

Chris G. On Google change the lock on my house May 19, 2019

Very helpful, prompt, courteous, and professional. Ilan the locksmith
came out within an hour and opened up several locks on a pop-up trailer
(lost keys). Would use them again and also recommend. Thanks!

Mark P. On Yelp lost keys May 19, 2019

West got the my car in less than 20 minutes. Got my keys in 30 seconds, very nice professional and quick response. A life saver!

J MacDonald On Google Car Door Unlocked May 18, 2019

Came recommended to me and didn’t disappoint. Was on time, did excellent work (wasn’t easy) and  at a great price.  
I’ve no problem recommending Locksmith Monkey to anyone in need!!

Nik M. On Yelp Brooklyn, Portland, OR May 18, 2019

Car wouldn’t start due to a broke ignition switch. They came out, rebuilt it and charged a fair price. Very nice too! Would use again.

Amy S. On Google Broke ignition switch May 15, 2019

These folks were wonderful! They came in 25 minutes and opened the lock in just about 1 minute! Thanks SO much for getting me back into my place so effortlessly! Definitely call them!!!!!

On Google North Portland, OR May 8, 2019

Wes did a great job helping me out in a jam . Usual story walked out thinking I had my keys and locked myself out . They can quickly and opened up my door fast .

Great job

m.arandia On Google Locked Out May 6, 2019

My 1983 R65 BMW motorcycle key went missing, and ilan stopped by and fixed me up in two hours, having to make a key from the disassembled ignition switch. He was honest and helpful throughout the process and I’m very happy to have my wheels back. Thank you Locksmith Monkey, and particularly ilan, who I’d recommend for all your key needs.

Dane A. On Goolge Motorcycle key replacement May 4, 2019

Les helped me and was able to open my door instantaneously so I could get my keys which I left in my ignition. smacks head $85 for an unlock, fair and reliable, and open on a Saturday! Thank God for Locksmith Monkey! Thank you for your help.

Megan G. Locked out of my car May 1, 2019

Fast and courteous. Called them from out of town. They met me at the house. Cut and programmed the key. Just called them for some repeat business.

Steve C. On Google Cut and programmed the key April 30, 2019

Not cheap (although I don’t think they cost more than any other place
including the Toyota dealership), but extremely efficient and they
replaced my Prius key fob from scratch in less than an hour, all without
me having to leave my home. Pretty legit.

Nick W. On Yelp Prius Key Fob April 27, 2019

Called 1 business no answer then called locksmith monkey saw all the reviews i didnt wait long and when the guy got to me i told him my situation then i let him get to work got a new key and good service thank you Locksmith Monkey

Aladdin S. On Yelp Car Key Replacement April 17, 2019

I locked myself out of my house during the recent ralns. The original reason I chose them was not only the reasonable rates, but a faster response time. The technician was fast professional and knowledgeable. They are very competitive price-wise. If I ever find myself in a jam again they’ll be the first ones I’d call.

Johnny D. On Google I locked myself out of my house April 14, 2019

What a fast experience. They showed up to my home, quoted me, then I spent five minutes to grab cash for payment, and by the time I returned, they had a key made for my car. Tested it in all the locks and it works great. Unbelievable work.

James M. On Google Car key Replacement April 12, 2019

I called these guys after getting locked out of my house. I had to be at an appointment in one hour so I was hoping they would be able to make it to me within the 20 minute window they said. Wes from the company showed up in 20 minutes and was very friendly and personable. He realized that the deadbolt was used to lock the door and suggested that we try the garage instead since drilling the deadbolt is a bigger job. He got my garage open in less than 8 minutes. Super impressive. I was in my house and on time for my appointment in less than 45 minutes. Thanks Wes!! You rock!

Meredith Wilt On Google Locked out of my house April 10, 2019

We had a bit of an emergency – the lock to our bathroom (with no window) completely broke with our youngest inside. Locksmith sent Barack over & he got her out! He figured out that the lock wasn’t installed correctly, and gave us suggestions on replacements.

Deanna S. On Google Emergency Lockout April 8, 2019

Wes saved us and also made me feel like less of an idiot for locking myself out. Highly recommend.

Elizabeth K. On Google Locking myself out April 7, 2019

I lost my keys late at night and with no place left to look I had to
hope they were locked in the car. So I called these guys up and they got
out to me quickly. He was friendly, professional and quick. Once the
car was opened I was unable to find the keys in the car either.
Fortunately for me he was able to quickly make me a new key so I could
get to work in the morning. Great work, friendly service. These guys are
the only lucky break I got that night.

Kevin O. On Yelp Vancouver, WA April 7, 2019

Ilan came out this morning and within about twenty minutes time was able
to fix my 98′ Ford Ranger after someone had tried to steal it. We found
out the thief had shoved a house key into the ignition. I ended up
paying 100-150 less than I thought it was going to cost. Very nice and
quick service. 🙂

Cami R. On Yelp Car lock fix April 6, 2019

Ilan has helped me out of jams twice now with my thirty-year-old classic
Nissan pickup. Always very prompt, knowledgeable and extremely
efficient. I wouldn’t call another locksmith. Thank you!

Philip D. On Yelp Portland, OR April 2, 2019

Wes was super nice and came right away at very reasonable price.

ALLEN F. On Google Emergency Lockout March 30, 2019

They were great, timely, and efficient! We had a problem with our doorknob lock and they fixed that AND our deadbolt!

R B. On Yelp Deadbolt repair March 28, 2019

West, the locksmith that
came to unlock my door at 10pm was very courteous, professional and
fast. I would absolutely call them again if I ever needed a locksmith.

Jennifer S. On Google locked out of my house March 24, 2019

I called when I was locked
out on the weekend. Within 40 minutes they sent someone out! He worked
in minutes. I forgot his name but he was so polite and very nice. I
hope I won’t have to call again but will definitely will recommend
Locksmith Monkey to my friends and family. Thanks you made my day!! His
name was West!!

Linda S. On Google Northeast Portland March 24, 2019

I was very impressed with the ease and efficiency of getting two keys made for my GMC. Spoke with gentleman on phone last evening and this morning Ilan was at my house. He was polite, friendly and knowledgeable. It didn’t take him long at all, plus answered all sorts of random questions while he worked! He even chatted with my elderly mother and myself after the job was all finished. Very kind. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them in the future! Thanks again!!

Lori C. On Google Car keys replacement March 22, 2019

Wes was amazing and very
quick! Got the lockout done in less than 3 minutes. The price was under
what I thought it would be, would definitely recommend!!

Brooke S. On Google lockedout in North Portland March 20, 2019

Wes just came to my house for a lock repair. He was professional
pleasant and so nice to have in my home He is a keeper. I will call
for more lock repairs and request Wes

Thank you!!!

Lynda W. lock repairs March 19, 2019

Ilan was an amazing help. He was very prompt, thorough, fast, and
helpful. He was also great with the kids running around and endured tons
of questions from little ones.
Very happy with the job. He finished much faster than I expected, too.

Ali S. On Yelp Lock Repair March 18, 2019

Called Locksmith Monkey just after landing at PDX late at night on a weekend. They were waiting for me in economy parking by the time I got there. Had a microchip key made in no time and they threw in an spare door key. Solid price. Straight forward. 10 out of 10. Definitely calling if my keys/bag are stolen again.

Jared W. On Yelp Car keys replacement March 17, 2019

So I lost the one and only key I had for my 2002 Volkswagen Jetta, I
called multiple dealerships to compare prices and then I came across
Locksmith Monkey and they responded and let me know prices and
everything. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they got back to
me, did the work and got me a new key and programmed it to the car. They
are quick, able to come to you so no need to have your car towed to
them, and really kind. I was even made a blank that will open my doors
in case I lock myself out. I definitely recommend them if you find
yourself locked out or needing a replacement key!

Angelica B. On Yelp I lost the key to my 2002 Volkswagen Jetta March 14, 2019

These guys KNOW what they’re doing.

My 600RR has been garaged for a long time due to me losing my one and only key (have multiples, pls)

story short, I had a “locksmith” come out after sounding extremely
confident over the phone that he could cut a key from scratch, but after
spending hours poking at my ignition, couldn’t get the job done and
resulted in a key that was not only able to open my gas tank and rear
seat cover.. but also the depths of my despair as I wondered if I would
EVER ride again.

Fast forward a few years later the spark of
riding kindled a flame and i began seeking alternative, very EXPENSIVE
methods of acquiring a working key.. from tearing apart completely, new
ignition.. you know the drill. BUT, after searching forums i decided to
give Locksmith Monkey a chance..

Let me tell you something, the
most professional, passionate man showed up at my door, using the key
already cut (and saving me money) the job was done in 20 min and with
zero bolts removed.. and I had my key!

Chatted with the guy about life afterwards, he’s also a fellow rider.. 5/5 stars

not call anyone else regarding any locksmith issue, ESPECIALLY if it’s a
high end bike and you need someone who really knows what they’re doing.

Vlad K. On Yelp Northeast Portland March 8, 2019

Dude was over here when he said he would be. While he was here it was
damn near freezing that being said he made sure to get the job done in
those conditions and within the price range agreed on before. Another
company gave me a quote at least 100-200 more expensive then called back
saying it couldn’t be done at all will definitely hit up ilan and the
pros at locksmith monkey next time I need help (btw it was an ignition
that was tore to hell by some guys trynna steal my car)

Yasseen C. On Yelp While he was here it was damn near freezing March 4, 2019

Ilan was very nice and programmed my infiniti g35 key really quickly.  Everything worked completely. Would recommend.

Terry S. On Yelp Infiniti g35 key really quickly March 4, 2019

They were able to come to my house and program a new Prius key for me within a few hours of me calling them, and were a bit cheaper than the Toyota dealership quoted me. Great service!

Rachel H. On Yelp Program a new Prius key February 28, 2019

They were on time, friendly, and affordable! A fantastic experience!!

Mark M. On Google locked out of my house February 26, 2019

Locksmith Tools

Had increasing difficulties with my 2009 Honda Fit ignition key for weeks when I finally researched the problem.  Found great information on Locksmith Monkey’s website about it that was confirmed from other sources.  Called and received a visit from Ilan the same day.  He inspected and diagnosed the main problem but on fixing it found the steering column parts inside the ignition mechanism were still not working right.  He explained how this happened and my options. He gave me a not-to-exceed bid for fixing it no matter what it took.  He ended up taking it home and disassembling and rebuilding it there, spending far more hours for that bid than any reasonable rate for a locksmith.  It would have cost over a thousand for the dealership to have replaced the lock and then I would also have to get new keys and the car’s VIN would no longer index to any replacement keys.  Ilan fixed it for a fraction of that and it has continued to work flawlessly for months afterwards.  Very satisfied!

Eric F. On Yelp Difficulties with my 2009 Honda Fit ignition key February 14, 2019

West was super speedy and friendly. Came in and poped the lock! I really appreciate it bud.

David S. On Google Pop the lock February 14, 2019

Came out within two hours on a Sunday night. Super fast! Ilan was so nice. They also have nice solid keys.

Carrie L. On Yelp Locks Rekey February 10, 2019

Wes was friendly and efficient! He fixed our broken lock on our back door on a cold Sunday morning. Thanks!

Yvette M. On Google Broken Door Lock Repair February 10, 2019

Llan came out the same day
I called and made me a new key fob for my 06 Prius. In a very short
term he had me up and running at a considerable savings from the
dealership. I’m happy with the service.

Mike N. On Google New smart key for my Prius February 4, 2019

Wes came in and found that my condo door was too tight for his normal procedure but he stuck to it and didn’t drill the lock to save me money and never gave up for over an hour and got my door open. Amazing job and effort and saved me a ton of money. Couldn’t recommend a better locksmith!

Kingsley C. On Yelp locked out of my house February 2, 2019

Great service!!! Had a new pre production car that had locked itself. 1 call is all it took.

Jim V. On Yelp Oregon Convention Center Northeast Portland February 2, 2019

Lost my only key to our van. Barak was able to get out here same day and program two new keys. He was very polite, respectful and done in 15 minutes. I can see why Locksmith Monkey has so many 5 star reviews. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Jennifer T. On Google Car keys replacement February 2, 2019

Dude was awesome. Got here in like 10 minutes and got me on my way in 2. Thank you!!

Tiana E. On Google car door unlock February 2, 2019

My maintenance people were unavailable this morning when I walked out of my apartment without my keys, locked door closing behind me. I called this place at 6:30am on a cold December morning. Wes got me quickly into my place and was very polite and personable. I will recommend to friends and would definitely use them again if need be.

Traci A. Traci A. I walked out of my apartment without my keys January 31, 2019

I just bought a new home and my 2nd day in the house I accidentally locked one of the bedroom doors. This door had an actual key lock (like what you would use on the exterior door of your home) and the first locksmith I called was unable to pick the lock. Luckily West came out and was able to get the door unlocked. Great customer service and speedy response. If I ever am locked out of something, this company is my definite go to!

Liz N. On Google bedroom door unlock January 19, 2019

Great customer service!  Locksmith Monkey re-keyed my locks after I moved into a new place – quick, professional, excellent job. Then, I had an issue with a deadbolt lock and they came by to help me nearly immediately. Highly recommended!

And now I’m updating this review
– wish I could give 6 stars!  My contractor bent one of my keys at a 90
degree angle and Locksmith Monkey came to my house to make a copy – and
didn’t charge me. What wonderful guys!

Kit B. On Yelp Locks rekey January 18, 2019

West was very prompt and respectful. Got the job done despite a sticky door lock no fuss. Would highly recommend!

Malkolm G. On Google locked out of my house January 14, 2019

I’m impressed. First company I called said they would 100% have to drill thru the door…then this guy came right over and got in within about 100 seconds. Highly recommend no question.

Brad G. On Yelp locked out of my house January 12, 2019

I had to have the lock replaced on my car. Not only were these guys
prompt and professional, they came to my house within an hour on New
Year’s Day to do the work. I certainly hope I won’t have to use them
again, but if I do have another problem, they’re the ones I’ll be

Laurel H. On Yelp Honda Door Lock Replace January 1, 2019

Such a great family owned business! Ilan came out only 30 minutes after
we called for new locks on our new home! Very friendly and a pleasure to
work with. We will definitely use them again!

Kayla M. On Yelp lock rekey December 28, 2018

Deadbolt door lock

Definitely recommend! For convenience and security, I finally decided to
get all of the locks in our house re-keyed. I decided to call Locksmith
Monkey after reading all of the post reviews and was not disappointed.
The person who responded to my initial call was courteous and gave an
immediate estimate and an approximate window of service. Because of his
professionalism and straightforward response, I decided to purchase the
$139 for $99 deal and schedule the appointment. Ilan (technician) came
out on time and was very friendly and efficient. Upon seeing the locks,
he told us that one (of the four we were changing) could not be re-keyed
to match the others. At that point, we decided to change out the lock
and he did not hesitate to run back to his shop to get a deadbolt and
handle that would work (he even matched the color and style of the old
one perfectly). When he got back, he finished the job quickly but with
care and precision. We now have one key and all of the doors are locking
smoothly and easier than before. Thanks, Locksmith Monkey!

Heather C. On Yelp locks in our house re-keyed December 28, 2018

I was loading Christmas presents in my trunk and somehow my keys dropped inside and my car doors were locked as well so i couldn’t use the trunk button on the inside!! There were hardly any places open but my uncle found these guys and i waited no more than 35 minutes on Christmas Eve and the guy Wes who came he got in, in less than 5 minutes!!! These guys rock!! They didn’t charge $200 or more like most places would especially on a holiday, I highly recommend them.

Alyssa K. On Yelp Alyssa K. December 24, 2018

William was quick to arrive get me back in the house and a great talking witj.

Daniel C. On Google locked out of my house December 22, 2018

Excellent speed, and customer service. Wes helped me get in my car with no issue and had a very professional and positive service. Will use them again.

Christopher H. On Google locked my keys in my car December 17, 2018

What a great experience. I locked my keys in the running car ready to head out with my young son (he was not in the car, thankfully!) and I was in a panic.They got here and it was effortless. I highly recommend them!

Andrea N. On Google I locked my keys in the running car December 16, 2018

Good service, quick response time, fair price – even on a Sunday. There is a reason they have all of the good reviews. They know their way around more challenging locks.

Catherine H. On Google Lock change December 16, 2018

West from locksmith monkey was an absolutely amazing locksmith. He had my door open in minutes and was kind and humble. Only locksmith I’ll call from now on! 10/10 would recommend.

CiCi S. On Google lockedout in North Portland December 10, 2018

Called Locksmith Monkey on a Saturday night. My daughter flew back from California, Got to airport parking lot in Portland Or. and realized she had no keys and were left in Ca. My first call was locksmith Monkey and the gentleman was like we can be out in 45mins to 1 hour in Battle Ground Wa. To get her in her house. The technician was professional and fast got her in without drilling locks out – my thought. My daughter called other companies stressed with no answers. 5 stars to Locksmith Monkeys!! Didn’t charge an outrageous price either.

Isabel C. On Yelp locked out of the house December 10, 2018

We just called Locksmith Monkey to open our car. The gentleman was very very nice and helpful. We will use Locksmith Monkey again!

Thank you

Stacie C. On Yelp We just called Locksmith Monkey to open our car December 8, 2018

Called after i left my key at home in California. They came out right away and hooked me up. Awesome tech that helped

Sondra C. On Google locked out of my house December 8, 2018

Locksmith Monkey just came and opened our car. The gentleman that came out was very very nice. He showed us that our 20 year old car key had worn down so he made us a new one. We will definitely use this company again. Thank you

Queen C. On Google old car key had worn down December 8, 2018

Great customer care, very friendly and professional.

Randy J. On Google Front Door Lock Repair December 7, 2018

Fast, friendly service when I really needed it!

Dan B. On Google locked out of our house December 7, 2018

Locked my keys in car while at work. Called these guys and they sent West out to help. 30 min later I had my keys. Easiest and best company to have help you. West is a rockstar

Tommy W. On Google Locked my keys in car while at work December 6, 2018

West was extremely quick and helpful. 10/10 would use you guys again.

Greyson C. On Google Northeast Portland December 6, 2018

I am so appreciative for West he and locksmith monkey got me going this morning. I locked my keys in my car and he was here on the money!!! Thanks West so much you awesome!!

Tiana D. On Google locked my in North Portland December 1, 2018

We called Locksmith Monkey at 7:30pm on thanksgiving – a cold rainy night- Ilan rescued us! He must have dropped everything to help us because we were inside within 45 minutes despite it being thanksgiving. He was efficient, kind and professional. If I ever need locksmith services again in the future I will definitely call the monkey!

Jennie L. On Yelp Locksmith North Portland, OR November 23, 2018

Awesome service! I lost my ignition keys to my Toyota. They were able to come out within an hour on the weekend! I had a new working key in 45 minutes. Total lifesavers.

Kevin W. On Yelp I lost my ignition keys to my Toyota November 18, 2018

Great customer service! Locksmith Monkey re-keyed my locks after I moved into a new place – quick, professional, excellent job. Then, I had an issue with a deadbolt lock and they came by to help me nearly immediately. Highly recommended!

Kit B. On Yelp re-keyed my locks after I moved into a new place November 14, 2018

I was having the most anxiety filled day. I was taking a load from my storage unit to my car and went to unlock it. It wouldn’t budge. I threw a little tantrum at first and then calmly tried one more time and snap my key broke off in my door. I dropped my keys on the ground and started crying. I had called two different company’s. I got a call back assuming it was the original company I chose. My phone ended up dying and did in fact actually die as Mr. pulled up and parked behind me. I ran over frantic about my phone and he was so calm and plugged my phone into his van. The whole time as I blabbered on about nonesence he kept reassuring me everything was Going to be ok and to smile. Well he was super fast and finished before my friend who was helping me pay for the key got there. Well he waited patiently for quite a while. My fire never came so luckily my parents live close by and we’re able to come and paid me out. I told my parents the price that I was the company I called. It wasn’t at all. But here’s the thing. He knew I was frazzled all to heck and when I was confused to the max why it was higher than i thought my dad only had so much cash on him and Mr. worked with us. Great service amazing.

Desere Saechao Assistant Manager 989 NE 61st Ave (Extra Space Storage) November 12, 2018

Answered right away and was quick to help us out of a jam. Thanks!

Erin R. On Google Had my only key stolen November 12, 2018

They arrived and had me in my house within an hour from my call and I live 40 mins outside of Portland. Wes was great and it cost about half of what I expected.

Victoria T. On Google locked out of my house November 8, 2018

Kia sedona key fob made at southeast Portland Oregon

We needed help getting a key made for a car we had just purchased that had no key and Ilan came out late in the evening and spent awhile working on our car in the dark to get the key made for us, very friendly and we appreciated him working out in the cold to help us get a key to take the car home. Would recommend this company.

Emili B. On Yelp Car keys replacement November 6, 2018

They responded very quickly to my call and were very professional and helpful. I would recommend them again.

Nathan B. On Yelp lock yourself out of your car November 4, 2018

Wes was here quick on a Sunday morning. Finished quickly too and friendly conversation. Totally recommend.

Kaooni S. On Google locked out of the house November 2, 2018

Nothing else worked until Wes showed up and removed a Kryptonite lock. From phone call to freed bike was about 45 minutes, so timing is also awesome!

Corey W. Kryptonite Bicycle Lock Remove October 26, 2018

Ignition Lock Cylinder repair

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We have had terrible experiences with a past locksmith, but after our experience with Locksmith Monkey (Ilan) our minds have been changed. We had out car broken into and a small part of a key left in our ignition. Ilan came out quickly and was great at communicating updates. Price was fair and work was done well and fast. We will keep his card on our fridge from now on just in case. THANK YOU LOCKSMITH MONKEY!

Shelby P. On Yelp our car broken into October 24, 2018

Key stuck in the door lock

Lost my home key is quite frustrating. Wes did a great job and make this much better. He is willing to help and also did a good work .

Bo G. On Google House Keys October 2, 2018

Door Lock Repair & Installation

We were so pleased when Wes showed up after we had locked ourselves out of our home on a Saturday morning. It took him about 20 minutes to get to us from the time we called & he was efficient & friendly. We would call them again in a pinch!

Rebecca A. On Yelp locked out of the house September 30, 2018

Residential Locksmith Portland

Great job tonight! Very friendly, as fast as could be considering was at a job completely across town. Easy, fair, so thankful to be in the house! Thank you!

Scott A. On Google locked out of the house September 28, 2018

door handle

We had a ring of keys stolen for our house. They came out and replaced our outside locks so they all use the same key and fixed our annoying front door that you had to jiggle just right to open. He did run later than expected, but he communicated with me multiple times where he was and what was happening. He worked fast and knew what he was doing. He was friendly and relaxed. I would recommend him to anybody.

Craig L. On Yelp Break-in Repair September 21, 2018

Toyota Locksmith Near Me Toyota Emergency key and remote

The Technician was fantastic and very professional. They were also the only place around to be able to get me a smart key for my Prius and program it the same day. I would recommend to anyone!

Sam W. On Google New smart key for my Prius September 12, 2018

key locked inside my truck

Wes was a patient Monkey, and he got the job done âś… Thanks for the quick response.

Kyle O. On Google locked my keys in my car September 7, 2018

key stuck in door lock

We were locked out of our house on a Sunday of a holiday weekend and the locksmith was on time and friendly. He was a lower price than some other places I called.

Carrie D. On Google locked out of our house September 7, 2018

kwikset smartkey lock

West was on-time and customer friendly. He showed up at 9:30 PM and got the job done fast. I highly recommend Locksmith Monkey to all my friends.

Brian P. On Google Northeast Portland Locksmith September 6, 2018

Keyless Door Lock for your home

West was expedient and professional. After locking your keys inside your house, the last thing you want is for the locksmith to not know what they’re doing. West came prepared to get the job done in a variety of ways. He clearly knows what he is doing.

David D. On Google locked out of the house September 4, 2018

Made a key for my 2007 gsxr 600

My newer motorcycle had an ignition issue and locksmith monkey was able to deal with all the anti theft hardware and have my bike back on the road in a few hours. Genuine craftsmen and patient thoughtful people.

Brian F. On Google Motorcycle ignition issue September 3, 2018

Had my only key stolen the other day. Thought I would have to go through the Volkswagen dealership..which wanted me to have my car towed to them.. I found “Locksmith Monkey”, and my world got better. What a great company.they were very helpful…and I had my key made within an hr. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!

Daniel G. On Google Had my only key stolen August 22, 2018

Amazing Service! Same day appointment. Called after 6pm and had 5 locks rekeyed by 7:30pm! Wow!

M Griggs On Google Re-key the house August 21, 2018

West was awesome! He got my keys out in 3 minutes!! Then he gave us a free concert! LoCKSMITH MONKEYS!!!

Kristen A. On Google North Portland, OR August 14, 2018

locked my keys in my travel trailer

Imagine my panic when I accidentally locked my keys in my travel trailer, with my old dog inside on a Sunday evening. Locksmith Monkey showed up very quickly to save the day. Great job!!

Andrea A. On Yelp locked my keys in my travel trailer August 13, 2018

The service tech showed up on time at location I was parked. He promptly went to work after price was agreed upon. He finished in 20 minutes like he said he would. The cost would have been the same if I went to my local mechanic but my mechanic wanted the car for 3 hours. After Locksmith Monkey finished the job he gave me a 25 dollar discount. Thank you brother much appreciated.

Peter C. On Yelp Ignition lock cylinder repair August 5, 2018

Thanks to West they got me open real quick. Nothing worse than being locked out the house. Professional and quick and priced well.

Chad C. On Yelp locked out the house July 28, 2018

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