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Buying a Safe For Your Home: What you Need to Know?

Buying a Safe For Your Home: What you Need to Know?

Buying a Safe For Your Home: What you Need to Know?

There are thousands of safes for sale on the market, but if you don’t do your research first, you won’t get the right value for your money.

There’s more to buying a safe than asking a store representative which one they recommend. There are many factors to consider.

Before you buy a home safe, consider these tips:

  1. Safes – how much to spend?

A reasonable rule of thumb is to budget about 10% of the value of what you will keep in the safe. When you have property worth $25,000, you should spend at least $2,500 on a safe.

You can use this rule to determine your safe budget. It makes sense to invest in a good quality safe if you have expensive belongings.

  1. Distinguish safe types

Once you have determined the amount to spend on a safe, understanding safe types is imperative if you’re planning to buy one. Safes are available for a variety of purposes. Additionally, you need to know how they perform against different elements like fire, water, and other hazards.

Pay attention to how long and what level of stress the safe underwent during testing. Ensure that the safe has been tested against the most forceful entry tactics. It will help you decide which safe to buy.

  1. Invest in a sturdy safe

The safe must be heavy to be moved, relocated or repositioned. In addition, heavier safes are more difficult to break into. It prevents the safe from being easily cut and damaged because of its thickness and weight.

  1. Ensure that no gaps exist

The gap between a safe’s door and the lock mechanism body is a problematic point. The body of your safe should be tight against the door when locked so no one can get in without unauthorized access. As a result, it is also more resistant to fire and water. A narrower gap means a stronger safe.

  1. Consider lock options

Manufacturers of safes offer a variety of types of locks for safes. There are manual, electronic, and digital dials. Depending on the safe, key override may be available. Your safe will be easier to use if you have more options.


There are benefits and drawbacks to every lock option. From the available options, choose the one that works best for you.

The following guidelines should be followed once you have purchased your safe:

  1. Make sure your safe is stable and secure

The home safe may not need to be bolted to the floor, but it should have some kind of anchor to prevent theft. Locksmiths can help you secure a safe to your floor or wall based on where you want it to go.

  1. Moisture factors

Safe placement can be tricky. Keep in mind that it should never be placed in a wet or moist area. Moisture would cause the safe to rust and become susceptible. It is either important to make sure the safe you want to buy is waterproof and can withstand humidity, or to invest in a dehumidifier to remove moisture around it.

  1. Save your safe code

When you purchase your first safe, become familiar with how to access it. Be sure you save this information in a secure place you can easily access and understand the combination method. Whenever a safe issue arises, this information will be needed.

  1. Safekeeping tips

It is important to know what type of items you want to keep in a safe. Additionally, will your safe open easily under duress? Make sure you know what you want to store before you buy one so you don’t have to change it later.

  1. The safe isn’t 100% secure

Safes aren’t the only way to keep your home secure. Get an alarm system, closed circuit cameras, quality door locks, and closed circuit cameras in addition to a home safe.

Leave your doors closed so thieves cannot target you. If you need to upgrade your home security or change your locks, talk to a Portland locksmith.

By knowing what to ask for when choosing a home safe, you are effectively on your path to enhancing your home and asset security.

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