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Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Locksmith F.A.Q

What should I look for in a Portland locksmith?

We recommend you search for a Portland locksmith that is a qualified and licensed tradesman and has the latest experience for state of the art locksmith services. Also, ensure your locksmith provides a 100% guarantee and warranty for their work and materials.

Why should I use a locksmith when I can try and find someone who can help?

A licensed and experienced locksmith is efficient, fast and will ensure your possessions are safe and secure during the service. If you are using locksmith services for your car, home or business, you should ensure you have peace of mind that the locksmith you are using has the skills, experience and qualifications to carry out the job otherwise your work may be more costly in the long run.

Do you cut keys for my car?

Yes, we cut keys for all makes and models of cars, motorbikes scooters and a wide range of vehicles.

My house is really old, can you cut older style keys for my front door?

Yes, we regularly service homes across Portland with old locks and can create a key to suit each and every door regardless of age.

Auto Locksmith F.A.Q

My 2005 Ford Focus key won’t turn or acting up in the Ignition, what should I do?

Ford Focus Ignition problem 2000-06 – Click here

I lost the Key to my 2001 Lexus IS300, Is it require a re-flasher to program my keys?

Lexus/ Toyota Honda/Acura E.C.U Reflash – Click here

Ignition key on our Honda Accord 2008 is getting herder to turn, can we lubricate it?

Honda Locks and Ignition Problem – Click here

Can you make me a New key for my Motorcycle? I misplace the only one I had.

Motorcycle Locksmith – Click Here

I lost the smart key for 2008 Prius, and I don’t like to tow it to the dealer.

Toyota Prius Remote Key Fob – Click Here

Lost my fob to my 2002 Volkswagen Jetta and its high security key, can you help?

Volkswagen Audi Keys n Locks – Click Here

There is any way you can help me with my Volvo S60 high security key fob?

Volvo Car Key Replacement – Click Here

Residential and Commercial Locksmith F.A.Q

What’s more, you come back after a very stressful and tiring day only to realize that you are locked out of the house.

What To Do When You Are Locked Out Of Your House In Portland? – Click Here

How should I go about if I am locked out of my Car and need an Emergency assistant?

Car Unlock Service – Save Time & Avoid Car Lockout Situation – Click Here

My key chain got stolen, do I have to replace all my locks hardware?

Rekey Your Lock Instead of Replacing – Click Here

How Much Does it Cost to Get the Locks Changed?

How Much Does it Cost to Get the Locks Changed – Click Here

Our house build in 1893 and still have the same lock, how do I service it?

Mortise Lock Service and Repair – Click Here

I lost the key to my bike lock / U-lock and it’s locked on a rack in Downtown Portland?

Bicycle Lock Tips And Care By Locksmith Monkey – Click Here

I lost the key to my mail box, How do I Resolve Mailbox Lost Key Issues?

Mailbox Lost Key- Residential Properties – Click Here

Lost My Filing Cabinet Key in my office – Downtown Portland?

Office File Cabinet Locks: Commercial Locksmith Services – Click Here

I have an Eviction schdualed with the Sheriff and I requierd to show up with a locksmith, do you provide that kind of service?

For Sheriff Eviction – Locksmith Services – Click Here

I have a Business in Downtown Portland, and every-time customer open the front door, It’s remain open. What can I do to Fix that?

Your Commercial Property Needs A Door Closer – Click Here

All Locks and keys related questions All Locks and keys related questions

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