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The ultimate Lock Maintenance checklist

The ultimate Lock Maintenance checklist

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Every building is built with multiple doors and windows and is equipped with locks. These locks are the main elements that help to strengthen home security. Door locks are usually durable depending on the brand and the quality. However, over time even well-maintained locks wear out. We often neglect to maintain locks and therefore it’s important to consider maintaining them. Lock maintenance not only helps to secure your property but also increases durability. You can also avoid having to pay more for door lock repairs and replacement later on.

Here is the ultimate checklist for lock maintenance from our locksmith experts to consider ensuring your door locks last for a very long time:

1. Ensure Your Door Is fixed Correctly:

Did you know, locks only work when doors are installed accurately? Poor door installation can create a massive amount of pressure on the lock that can lead to failure of the locks or even damage them. Sometimes even with the proper door installation, the locks fail to work because of external damage or weather conditions. In most cases, wooden doors swell especially during the winter season that makes the door locks dysfunctional. Hence, it is imperative to keep in check the doors regularly.

2. Clear off the dust from the locks:

Dust and dirt can easily accumulate inside the locks. The lock pins and moving parts can get clogged up leaving the locking mechanism jammed. So, a regular cleaning with the help of canned air can help to clear off the dust from the locks. Avoid cleaning with water as it can cause rust inside the lock which can cause problems for future lock maintenance. 

3. Check Your Door Hinge:

The hinge is the main part that connects the door to the door frame with screws. The most common problem with most hinges is loose screws that can lead to door sagging and break-ins. To prevent this, regular Maintenance like tightening the screws is recommended. It will help to align the strike with the door and ensures that the latch falls into the exact place. With this simple maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of your hinges and locks as well. 

4. Lubricate regularly:

Lubricating the locks regularly is a key to keep them in good working condition. It is one of the most common and important maintenance factors to consider but often it is overlooked. For lubricating the locks, you can find a wide range of lubricants available in the market. Make sure you use graphite or silicon-based lubricant because petroleum-based lubricants can hinder lock performance. Just a small drop of lubricant is needed to make the lock mechanism work smoothly.

5. Handle maintenance and care:

Excessive use of door handles can cause wear and tear. It can create issues such as the handles may loosen or even break. Rough use of handles, banging the door and forceful entry can damage the latch and stop working. Hence, it is advisable to use the handle gently and smoothly to increase the durability of the handle set locks. 

6. Copy duplicate keys from an original:

When you have your door, locks installed for the first time, make sure you make duplicate keys out of it. Because losing keys is unavoidable it can happen anytime. So, having a spare key set in a safe place can help you save yourself from the risk, time and money. You can avoid running around to get another set to get access to your home. 

Lock Installation and Maintenance experts in Portland:

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