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6 Home Security Tips for This Summer

6 Home Security Tips for This Summer

home security tips for summer

Summer is the best time to enjoy the warmth and fresh air in Portland. However, relaxing too much during summer can make you careless which may put your home at risk, and you can become a victim of a break-in. We understand that most of you plan your vacation during summer. And some may want to keep your windows and doors open to beat the heat. But, while enjoying your summer time, it’s important to stay vigilant of your home security to protect your family and all the valuables. It’s no surprise that there has been an increase in house break-in rates in Portland the last few years. But if you follow few easy steps, you can prevent your home from a break-in during summer.

6 Home Security Tips:

Here are the 6 important tips from our locksmith experts that help to improve the security of your home during summer:

1. Pay attention to your doors and windows:

During summer, it’s quite a common practice to crack open the windows and doors to get some fresh air. If you enter and exit your house frequently, there are chances for you to forget to lock the door. Hence, it’s important not to leave your doors and windows open when you leave the house. Following these mindful habits can help you secure your home against any break-in.

2. Make sure your locks are in good working condition:

How often do you keep track of all your door locks and windows to check if they are functioning well and are in good working condition? If the answer is no, then your house can be at risk. So, in order to avoid the risk of break-ins, It’s important to regularly check your house locks. In case, you find any fault in the existing locks you can immediately replace them with new ones. 

3. Upgrade your home security:

Having a strong security system for your home will allow you to be with peace of mind. If you feel your existing home security is weak and ineffective, due to outdated locks systems it’s best to upgrade them to avoid future break-ins. You can find a wide range of security systems based on your requirements. From deadbolts, heavy-duty door locks, keyless entry to electronic locks you can find a lot of options from which you can choose the best suitable one. And when it comes to installing a new security system for your home, only a professional residential locksmith can assist you with choosing the right security system.

4. Secure your valuables in a safe:

It’s risky to leave your valuables out open in an accessible place in your house. As it makes it easy for burglars to steal all your valuables in no time. So, it’s advisable to keep all your valuables such as jewellery, cash, confidential documents and more in a safe to protect from theft. If you don’t have a safe installed at home it’s time to consider getting one to protect all your valuables. Now you can find a wide range of safe options from lock and key to electronic keypad, you can choose based on your requirements and purpose. 

5. Avoid posting about your summer plans on social media:

It’s always fun to be active on social media but it can be risky sometimes. You should always be alert about what you disclose on social media especially your plans, check-in of the places you visit and more. It may seem exciting for you to share your plans. But several intruders keep an eye on each and every activity of yours through social media and wait for the right time to execute their plan to break into your home. So, avoid posting your location and photos to keep yourself and your house secure. 

6. Have your insurance updated:

Sometimes, even after following all the security tips to protect against future break-in, few house owners get victimized to the unpredictable situation. So, to avoid the huge loss, it’s better to get your insurance plan updated in advance. By doing this you can be on a safer side and helps to claim for the losses in case you face any break-in.

Upgrade your home security this summer with Locksmith Monkey:

mobile locksmith in Portland
mobile locksmith in Portland

Burglars always look for a home with a weak security setup where they can easily break in and steal all the valuables. Hence, it is crucial to strengthen your home security, with the above security tips, especially in summer. It’s always better to be alert and take all the precautionary measures to avoid the risk of break-ins. In case you become a victim of a break-in in PDX call Locksmith Monkey and let us know about the incident so that we can provide you with immediate and necessary assistance. We offer the best residential locksmith services and deal with all types of lock and key issue. We make sure to take your home security to the next level and protect against future break-ins. 

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