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Smart Key Duplication and Programming

Smart Key Duplication and Programming

Smart Key Duplication and Programming


The need: Smart Key Duplication

Cadillac Key Fob

Cadillac Key Fob


With the rise of modern technology, remote means of securing vehicles, and of controlling their various functions are becoming increasingly popular. The majority of car keys made since nineteen ninety five contain a device that can receive and transmit radio signals, called a transponder chip. This chip disarms a vehicle’s immobilizer once the key is turned in the ignition to start the engine, adding an extra layer of security to your vehicle. Since then, laser cut keys and VAT (Vehicle Anti Theft) keys have been made to perform the same function (added security). Additionally, many vehicle today are keyless, controlled by electronic keys, and most physical vehicle keys nowadays come attached to a small box, invariably made out of hard plastic, incorporating a set of buttons that can be pressed to remotely control certain functions of the vehicle, such as the popular push to start ignition, which enables users to start their engines with the press of a button. These small plastic boxes are called key fobs. The number of vehicle functions subject to the control of key fobs is increasing as technology advances, and smart keys become smarter.


Unfortunately, the technological advances come with certain problems attendant upon them. This is to be expected; these are the growing pains of modern technology. The key can break or snap, damaging or destroying the transponder chip within. Or the remote key fobs can be lost, misplaced, broken, or accidentally locked inside the vehicle, requiring replacement and/or reprogramming or recovery. Other problems can surface too. For example, the lock and unlock buttons stop working, or work only intermittently, or the fob becomes water damaged, or wear and tear causes the fob to start looking shabby. And that’s where we come in.


Our Auto Locksmith services


Key fob repair, replacement and recovery

Lot of toyota and lexus proximity key fob

Lot of Toyota and Lexus proximity key fob

Key fobs are simply wireless remotes that interact with the electronics in your car. They can serve a wide variety of purposes depending on the car and their programming, purposes such as opening the doors, starting the car, and controlling the LCD system within the car. In some cases they can function without even being physically touched by the user. Key fobs are often attached to a mechanical key, but this trend is increasingly on the decline. Smart Key Duplication and Programming.


If you ever lose your key fob, or lock it in the car, or need a spare, we offer professional key fob replacement. We can recover one you already have, or get you a new one, program it afresh, and perform any other of the myriad fob related tasks you may require. If you need a key fob replacement, our technicians are the best choice for you. We can usually program a key fob promptly, on the same day.

However, the difficulty of key fob replacement is not uniform across the board. It depends upon a variety of factors such as the model of your vehicle, who its manufacturer is, and so on. In this regard, we can offer you two alternatives: the first, procuring for you an unbranded key fob, the quick and easy option, the second, replacing the proper factory made keys, which may take longer. But once again, your priority is our aim; if you value time more, go for the former option, but if you have just a little more to spare, we recommend the latter.


Key fobs and push to start ignition

Toyota key fob for push to start car oem ready to program

Toyota key fob for push to start car OEM ready to program

One of the most widespread and influential of the vehicle functions to become increasingly remotely controlled is push to start ignition, which enables you to start ignition on your car with the press of a button. Unfortunately this is the feature that causes most problems too. One customer, for instance, was left stranded in the middle of traffic inside her car when she was returning from dropping her friend to the airport. She had accidentally left her key fob in her friend’s jacket pocket. Once her friend went out of range of the car, it automatically shut down. Fortunately we were able to be with her in minutes and save her a lot of embarrassment. If you’re in an emergency that can be solved by fixing or replacing your key fob, we are the ones who will be there for you the fastest with our 24/7 service.


Other services


We also provide laser cut keys, keys which, as the name implies, are cut with lasers for added security. They are stronger than regular keys and have greater precision. They also require specialize tools to cut, and professionals who know how to use said tools.


We can replace and make VATs (Vehicle Anti theft) keys as well. Like laser cut keys, VAT keys also add another layer of security. Every VAT key is loaded with chips that possess unique registers. If a regular locksmith without expert knowledge were to try replicating a VAT key, that key would fit into ignition, but it would fail to start the car.


We provide Smart Key Duplication and Programming, transponder keys, electronic keys, and the service of programming the dealer chip on site and program remote controls.

Smart Key Duplication

Smart Key Duplication

Smart keys, electronic keys and key fobs, they’re the stuff of modern vehicle transport. But what do you do when things go wrong? Your traditional locksmith, no pun intended, won’t cut it anymore. We here are the people to reach out to in an emergency. We travel to you, reach you quickly, and more often than not, provide a solution for you there and then. And, what’s more, our costs and our speed far outstrip the cost and the speed of your car dealership. So we get to you quicker and do your job for less money than anyone else. Each of our locksmiths has undergone high-level training, and possesses the skill set to perform tasks including but not limited to programming radio devices (transponders), and reprogramming VAT & smart keys regardless of vehicle model and make. We are the smart solution to your smart key problems. We guarantee a high level of satisfaction every time.


Why do so many chosen us?

Wes was awesome, same day service and rekeyed my locks perfectly for a fair price. Also provided great advice on double sided deadbolt placements!

Michael K. On Google rekeyed my locks June 20, 2019

I was very impressed with the efficiency and ease of getting two new keys made for my car.(I had called another place in town and they never even returned my call!) I spoke with a gentleman last evening, made appointment and Ilan was at my house this morning. He was polite, knowledgeable and has a good sence of humor! He even took a few moments and chatted with myself and elderly mother when he was done. Highly recommend this company, would not hesitate to use them again!!
Thanks again!!

Lori C. Oregon City, OR Car Key Copy June 20, 2019

Excellent service. Locksmith was running late and called twice to let me know. He was friendly, quick and efficient. Had 3 residential locks re-keyed and repaired within 45 minutes. Definitely recommend and would use again.

Felicia M. On Google Locks re-keyed June 12, 2019

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