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Top 6 Reasons To Go Keyless with Locksmith Monkey in Portland

Top 6 Reasons To Go Keyless with Locksmith Monkey in Portland

Top 6 Reasons To Go Keyless with Locksmith Monkey in Portland

A keyless entry system is a method of accessing a building, vehicle, or secure area without using traditional physical keys. Instead, it utilizes electronic devices such as keycards, key fobs, mobile apps, or numeric keypads to grant entry. These systems offer enhanced security, convenience, and control by allowing users to easily manage and monitor access without the need for physical keys. A keyless entry system can be beneficial for the below stated reasons:

1. Convenience

keyless locks are easy to install and maintain, requiring no special tools or technical knowledge. They are a simple attachment installed on your door, making it quick and easy to add or revoke access. Consequently, with keyless locks, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of physical keys, changing locks, or providing new keys to employees. Additionally, they eliminate lockouts caused by lost, forgotten, or broken keys, or even frozen locks.

2. Better Access Control

Moreover, keyless entry systems give you complete control over who can access certain sections of your building. You can customize keycards or codes for employees, granting access only to specific, unrestricted areas. If an employee is terminated or leaves following an argument, you can simply deactivate their code, ensuring they can no longer gain unauthorized access.

3. Tracking Entries

Furthermore, many keyless electronic locks allow property owners to track who has accessed the building and from which entrance. If you notice a security breach, these logs can assist in conducting a thorough investigation.

4. Enhanced Security

Certainly, traditional keys can be easily duplicated, and locks can be picked, leaving your building vulnerable to break-ins, theft, and vandalism. However, with a keyless entry system, you reduce these risks. Plus, if a key goes missing, you won’t need to change the locks. You can manage your keyless entry system from your mobile device, ensuring all doors are properly locked and even locking them remotely if necessary.

5. Cost Cutting

Additionally, keyless entry systems save you money on changing or rekeying locks and issuing new keys to employees. This is especially beneficial for businesses with high employee turnover, like IT companies and retail stores. Smart locks operated by key cards can be replaced at a much lower cost, and if the lock is code-operated, it can be changed at no additional cost

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