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Panic bar installation, replacement, and repair for your business

Panic bar installation, replacement, and repair for your business

Panic bar

If you are a business owner in Portland, we are sure you will have major concerns about the safety and security of not just your property but also your employees and customers. Have you ever imagined what if your office building undergoes an unpredicted situation? And what would your employees and customer do to get out of the building during an emergency? Well, the answer to the above two questions is to upgrade your office security to the next level by installing a panic bar or a crash bar. 

Having a panic bar installed on your office doors is the key to the safety and security of your employees, customers, and of course your property. It helps people exit quickly during an emergency with just a push of the bar. This eliminates the hassle of searching keys to unlock the door and then try to exit. 

What exactly is a Panic Bar?

A panic bar or a crash bar is a device that can be installed on the office doors. This device when installed on the door allows individuals to exit from the building as quickly as possible during an emergency. These devices are designed to make the exit easy and simple. You can lock the door from the outside and unlock the door from inside with just a slight push. They can also be integrated with alarm systems that alert when the device is used during an emergency. 

Why does your office need a panic bar?

As discussed above panic bars or exit devices improve the safety and security of your office building and allowing your customers and employees to exit quickly during an emergency. If you are wondering, is it possible to install these devices on any type of door? The answer is yes! Since they serve the purpose of emergency exit, they can be installed on any type of door such as wood, metal, steel, aluminum or glass. And there is one thing that is crucial and highly important for you to consider while installing panic bars on your office doors and that’s following the lawsuits and their regulations. In addition to above mention points here are the reasons why your business need panic bar installation:


As a responsible business owner safety should be your number one priority. Hence, by installing panic bars on your doors you can be 100% assured about safety and security as it helps to evacuate people during an emergency. In addition, it also serve as a security door that prevents intruders.


The panic bar price depends on the type and features you choose as per your needs and requirements. These are quite economical for large buildings with multiple doors. Only a commercial locksmith can give you the perfect pricing. We as a local commercial locksmith in Portland offer panic bar installation, replacement and repair at a great deal. 


With panic bars, you can be worry-free about locking and unlocking the door. These devices are designed to operate easily and simply compared to other door lock types. One of the biggest advantages of a panic bar for your business is its efficiency and simple mechanism. It can be seamlessly used by people of every age group including specially-abled people. 

Insurance Benefit

One of the major advantages of installing panic bars on your office door is that you can claim all the insurance benefits. Most commercial companies offer insurance discounts if you have these safety devices installed. So why risk the lives of your employees and customers while you have the right security solution that you can get benefitted during an emergency.

Wide range of options

You can find a wide range of panic bar options from different styles, looks as well as price ranges. These are three common panic bar types that you can find in the market Rim Style, Mortise style, Surface/Concealed style. Generally, some panic bars come with an option that remains locked from the outside and that can be opened only from inside and it can also be equipped with an alarm system.

Based on your requirements you can choose the one that suits best for your business and serve its purpose. 

Locksmith Monkey: Your one-stop solution for all your Panic Bar installation, replacement, and repair 

Locksmith Services in Portland

Installing panic bars can help you take your business security to next level. Whether you have an office building, supermarket, or any other Locksmith Monkey in PDX will have you covered. We as one of the local Portland locksmiths offer the best commercial locksmith services. If you are looking for panic bar installation or if you find any dysfunction in your current door system, we at Locksmith Monkey in Portland can provide installation, replacement and repair services. Our commercial locksmiths have all the skills and trained in push bar systems. They can provide you with the right security solutions as per your needs as requirements. So, give us a call if you are looking for the best commercial locksmith in Portland. We can help you. 

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