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Everything you need to know about Exit Devices

Everything you need to know about Exit Devices

Panic-Bar emergency exit push bar lock repair

Most commercial properties in Portland are equipped with exit devices for safety and security purposes. These devices serve as an emergency exit for employees and customers in times of unpredicted circumstances. It’s important for every business owner or commercial property owner to consider installing exit devices that operate with 100% accuracy. These devices have been around since the early 1900s after several disastrous events took the lives of hundreds of people trapped inside buildings. The basic purpose of an exit device is to save lives.

In this article, we shall discuss the following major points from our commercial locksmith experts’ point of view:

  • What are exit devices?
  • How does it work?
  • Different types of exit devices
  • Advantages of exit devices

We do hope this article will give you an overall idea of exit devices.

What are Exit Devices?

An exit device – also called a Panic Device, Panic Bar or a Crash Bar – is hardware that is installed on a door that keeps it locked from the outside but allowing people on the inside to exit without unlocking it. In simple words, it restricts entry but allows exits in the event of an emergency. The motto of the exit device is to provide an easy and obvious means to open the door to exit. 

How do Exit Devices work?

In simple terms, an exit device is a lock with an inside release bar. When the bar is pushed, the door is unlatched, that allows the person on the inside to exit safely. It also prevents unauthorized individuals from gaining access to a building. It does include variations like standard, fire-rated, rim, vertical rod, mortise exit devices and speciality exit bars. According to the life safety code, an exit device must always release the door without any prior knowledge on how to operate the device. Any horizontal force on the crossbar or push rail will release the door. They do provide a simple, safe way to exit a building so installing the exit devices on all exit doors is a smart move.

Advantages of Exit Devices

These devices are important elements for commercial buildings. They provide few advantages:

  1. Safety

These devices keep doors closed in the event of a fire hazard to prevent backdraft and keep the fire from spreading in a building, thus keeping people safe and protecting property. These devices can be certified as either fire-rated or non-fire-rated, depending on their construction. They also offer additional security when installed on exit only doors they ensure the door will remain locked and inaccessible from the outside. They can also be hooked up to your security systems so that your alarms can be activated if the exit device is used. 

2. Saves Life

In any building area or room where many people gather, safe and easy egress must always be possible. The number of doors that should be equipped with exit devices is determined by building codes. The doors in these areas must always swing out in the direction of people exiting the building in case of emergency.

3. Easy Access

They provide easy access out of an emergency situation. Anyone, including kids and persons with limited mobility such as those using wheelchairs, can easily reach the bar and push open the door. You need not worry about getting access through a lock and key.

4. The Law

As the rightful owner of a business, you have the responsibility of ensuring safety for your employees as well as customers. These devices will save you and your business from lawsuits in the event of an emergency situation. In addition to that, most buildings with indoor areas where more than 50 people assemble, it’s mandatory to equip the doors with Exit devices. The law requires them in assembly and educational occupancies.

Exit Devices in a nutshell

In a nutshell, these devices play an important role in the ultimate safety and security of the people. They are not only a necessary security element to add to your property but also a wise investment for your business as far as safety is concerned. If you are planning on installing these devices on your property, don’t forget to consider various benefits and parameters. Any commercial locksmith can exclusively install exit devices. They will recommend the best style for your existing doors and ensure proper installation. 

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