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Commercial Lock Installations & Repair Services

Commercial Lock Installations & Repair Services

Your commercial property is very valuable to you- wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to keep it safe and secure? Not only is your property important to you, but so are all of the important and expensive belongings you keep within it. Our locksmith Portland OR 97220 specialists have experienced many clients having unsecured door locks for their stores and businesses that contain valuable and important belongings. Having the most durable and reliable locks is something that our 24 hour locksmiths highly encourage for our clients, and we will tell you all the reasons why in this blog post:

Keeping Tabs On Your Door Locks

In order to make your environment at work safe for you and your employees, keeping track of your door locks and constantly updating them by Locksmith Monkey to the top brands will give your work more stability and security. As experienced and trained professionals, we have seen many stores and businesses with poor front door locks. The front door is an easy access for burglaries to happen, as one can simply kick your door open a few times before they are in your property. High security locks are highly recommended, because they offer that extra protection you need to feel stress-free.

One popular and reliable lock type that our team uses for commercial properties is called “Adams Rite” and is considered a respectable product by many business owners. This lock goes into big entrance glass doors that are for both single and doubles. One of the Adams Rite locks we use is one that has a bar that goes up and down, securing your front entrance doors from anyone kicking, bumping, or trying to unlock aggressively.

What To Do If I Have Problems Locking/Unlocking Door

Our specialists constantly get calls from clients to repair their front door locks of their stores. This is because whoever installed the commercial door did not do it properly, or did not select the most reliable and strong locks needed to keep the business safe. This is where our team steps in to repair those locks, by replacing them with ones that are far more efficient than the ones before. We experience calls of people also getting locked out of their own business. Often times, this happens because of the types of locks you have. With smarter locks, this should not happen to you again. Don’t panic in a situation like this, if you cannot lock or unlock your door. Our emergency locksmiths will be there very shortly to come service you.

Types Of Locks We Recommend

  1. Mortise Locks: This lock is a great way to ensure more security in your property. The Mortise lock is great because it can lock both sides of the door for you. This locks fits into the door through a small pocket that our locksmiths create for you.

  2. Touch Bar Locks: These locks are great for emergency situations. We suggest using one of these on an emergency exit door, so that it can be easier for your employees and customers to exit in case of an emergency situation. These touch bars provide protection against unwanted visitors and criminals from entering your store through the emergency exit door. They are strong and durable to be kept locked at all times. These do not require a lock from the inside, but do need one from the outside in order to unlock it.

Emergency Fire Regulations

If you live in the state of Oregon, you most likely know that there are a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to having your own business in a commercial property. More specifically, your store must be up to standards with fire regulations, which are strict to the code. They make sure to inspect your store or business before anything gets approved, and makes sure that there will be no accidents in case of an emergency. Because  our locksmith has many years of experience with all the correct and accurate fire regulations and safety locks for emergency situations, we can make sure your store is up to date with all the qualifications in regards to safety locks.

Lastly, if you’re experiencing problems with locking and unlocking your doors and tried everything possible, give our specialists a call. We offer 24 hour service for any emergency situation, so give us a call today to schedule an appointment with us!



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