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Benefits of Video Doorbells for your property

Benefits of Video Doorbells for your property

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With the technology advancement, the use of smart devices is increasing every day in our daily lives be it home, office or car now the world chooses the smart way to live. From light bulbs, locks, to cameras everything has inbuilt smart technology. One of the most in-demand and popular choices for security is the video doorbell system. This is one of the best security systems you can add to your property to strengthen security. Now video doorbells are becoming the standard security for most homes as people are upgrading from traditional doorbells to smart doorbells. 

Video doorbells help you track and monitor your doorstep and your house surrounding in real-time. Whether it’s the package delivery guy, your workers, relatives or friends it makes your life easy by monitoring every second. They act as an extra pair of eyes to see what’s happening in and around your home when you are peacefully asleep at night. These video doorbells come with endless features offering various advantages:

Here is a list of benefits of video doorbell system to consider:

  1. You can keep an eye at the door:

When someone approaches your door, the first thing you do is either peek through your window or peephole to check out who is at the door. With a video doorbell, you can see who is at your door from wherever you are and then decide to open the door. It helps you to keep a safe distance from any stranger. 

2. Helps to track visitors:

If a visitor knocks at the door instead of rings the doorbell, the video camera captures the image for you to view later. Now you can always know who has come by your house.

3. Gives a clear view at night:

In general, during the night it’s quite difficult to get a clear view of who is at your door. But video doorbell makes your life easier as it comes with an inbuilt feature called Night Vision Technology. It helps you view images in plain view and get a clear picture and track people at your door at night. 

4. You can record the real-time video:

One of the great features of a video doorbell is the automatic record option. Yes, you heard it right! It can automatically record the real-time video from which you can review it later if you encounter any suspicious activity around your property. 

5. You can access it remotely:

You can integrate your smartphone or desktop with a video doorbell system using an app. It allows you to track and monitor your house front and surroundings in real-time from anywhere and review the footage later. Some doorbells even allow you to communicate through voice calls through the app. 

Can video doorbells be installed in all types of homes?

Adding extra security for homes has become the need of the hour. So, most people are moving to smart technologies that not only help them secure their homes but also enhances their lifestyle. As video doorbells being one of the smart security elements in recent days they can be installed in any type of home as long as it has a strong Wi-Fi connection and a clear spot to install it. It helps you to safeguard your home and allows you to sleep peacefully at night. A well trained residential locksmith can install video doorbell with 100% accuracy.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the video doorbell depends on the brand and the features you are looking for. More the advanced features, more the money but these are worth investing in as it helps to secure your property for a lifetime. 

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As a trusted locksmith in Portland, we can help you secure your home in a smart way! At Locksmith Monkey, our locksmiths are highly skilled and certified. They are highly dedicated for your residential home safety. They can install, repair your video doorbells and make them 100% functional for providing seamless security. Before recommending the video doorbells, they ask for your requirements and analyze your property thoroughly and then give the best security solution that is suitable. 

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