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8 Common Home Security Mistakes that can put you at risk

8 Common Home Security Mistakes that can put you at risk

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Owning a house in Portland is a dream for most people. It takes a long time to turn your dream into reality. Once you own a house there comes a huge responsibility and that’s securing your new home. But most of the times people fail to focus on home security which may make it vulnerable for intruders to break-in. To help you with this, here we have listed out some common security mistakes that can put you at risk.

Here are some of the common home security mistakes you should avoid:

1.     Installing low-quality home locks

You can find a wide range of home locks available in the market that fits every budget. If you compromise with the quality of the locks your home security will be at risk. These low-quality home locks can be easily accessible by intruders hence, opting for high-quality locks installed by a professional residential locksmith will provide you with the best security possible. Having high-quality locks installed for your home makes it difficult to break-in.

2.     Hiding keys in easily accessible places

It’s quite a common practice for most of the residents to hide spare keys under the doormat or plant pots. These are the potential places that are easily accessible by the thieves. So, one should think about finding safe places to hide the keys so that the intruders can’t take the benefit of the situation. It’s important to have the spare keys and your home security in place before getting into any trouble. 

3.     Leaving your valuables in the main area

Windows are the main areas that intruders get to peep into your home to get an idea about your activities and the valuables you have. So, it is advisable to keep your valuables in a safe place and out of the window sight. Make sure you give attention to detail to all your valuable possessions that remain in a plain area. 

4.     Growing tall bushes for privacy concern

When you own a house, privacy is all that matters, and you tend to have different ways to create privacy around your property. Most commonly tall bushes and fences are used to create privacy. But having these can cause problem more than for a good purpose. These tall bushes can be a perfect hiding place for the intruders. They can easily track your activities and wait for the right time to break-in. Hence, it’s important to keep in mind that your privacy shouldn’t be compromised with your home security.  

5.     Turning off House Alarm

House alarms are the best security element to include to secure your home all the time. But some people make a very common mistake by turning it off and only turn it on when necessary. To secure your home effectively the alarm should be on all the time. So that if anyone tries to break-in it gives you the signal and you can be alert in real-time before the situation goes out of your hand.

6.     Failure to maintain the home Security System

A home security system is a lifeline that creates a protective layer against any burglar attack. When you have a security, system installed at home for many years, you usually take it for granted. And fail to pay much attention to maintain the system. Therefore, it’s very important to have your security system checked regularly so, that it works fine during any emergency situation. 

7.     Neglecting the door locks 

Being careless about your door locks is one of the biggest mistake one can do especially when leaving the house. Every door comes with a double lock, so make sure to lock both the top and the bottom lock without fail. If you just lock the top single-cylinder deadbolt, it makes it less secure so, locking the bottom one is highly recommended. 

8.     Neglecting the garage door

A garage is an integral part of the house where you park your expensive vehicle and have your equipment in place. Apart from these, the garage door serves as the main entry point for the burglars to slip into the house. So, it’s recommended to keep it closed and never leave your garage door ajar. Make sure you close your garage door every time you use it to keep your house safe and secure. 

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When it comes to home security, you tend to make the above-mentioned common mistakes often. But you can always keep your security check up-to-date and consider taking utmost care of all the security pitfalls. We at Locksmith Monkey in PDX is dedicated to providing you with the seamless residential locksmith services that you require. We expertise in installing and repairing all sort of lock and key issues at your doorstep. If you are looking to upgrade your home security in PDX contact Locksmith Monkey today. We are here to help you with all your queries.

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