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PDX crime spikes – here’s how to secure your property.

PDX crime spikes – here’s how to secure your property.

Theft can happen at any time, at any place. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, you can be a victim. It is important to take precautionary measures to secure your property or else you will be more prone to burglaries.

Property crime includes burglary, vehicle theft, larceny-theft and more. Burglaries and thefts can cause severe damage to your property, loot your expensive goods and other valuables. This can put you in a panic situation and, can cost heavy on your pocket for the repair charges and the losses. 

Property crime in Portland has been increasing in the past years and, it has affected lots of people at an alarming rate. According to the latest statistics based on the Portland Police Bureau, staggering property crimes have reported. Property crime in Portland has spiked to 72.3% and, it happens at a rate of 30 incidents per 1,000 residents. 

The above crime rate statistics in PDX will make you think, how well is your property secured? And what measures you need to take to improve your security? Well, these should be enough reasons for you to hire a professional locksmith in Portland to boost safety and security of your property. 

Professional locksmiths in Portland will help you with improving the security of your home, office, or your vehicle. Locksmiths will analyze your property for any lapses before proposing the best suitable security solutions. 

6 tips to secure your property from crime in PDX

If you are wondering how to secure your home, office, or vehicle from burglarizing. Here are the 6 tips that will help you protect your property from thieves:

1. Lock All Your Doors and Windows

This is the most common and basic security step to be taken by every individual. But, sometimes most of the people overlook the basic security details that might put them in a situation which can cost them later. Break-ins can happen anytime, therefore even if you are in your backyard, it’s very important to secure your property by locking your doors and windows. By doing this, you can prevent the thieves from slipping in and take all your valuables in minutes. A professional locksmith in Portland can install a suitable lock and key to your property. 

2. Install Alarm Systems

Having an alarm system is the best solution to secure your property. Nowadays modern security alarm systems come with a broad spectrum of smart features with multiple functionalities. It allows you to arm and disarm certain areas at the same time using a keypad. You can be worry-free and leave your house when you have an alarm system in place. If you don’t have an alarm system installed to your property it is definitely worth considering!

3. Invest in Home-Safes

Installing a home safe is an inexpensive solution to secure your valuables such as jewellery, important documents and more. A Home safe can not only protect from burglars but also from fire. It is best to invest in a home safe to secure your valuables it gives you the scope to change your code or password regularly preventing from the burglars to crack the code easily. 

4. Secure Your Keys

Hiding keys under the carpet, plant pot or near the windows are the common practice followed by many people who has a single key. However, this can lead to welcoming an uninvited risk to your property. Keys are something which can be easily copied and provides burglars to easily access your property and lift all your valuables in no time. So, It is better to make copies of your keys and handover to your family members or staff to avoid the risk. Any local locksmith in Portland can make your key copies perfectly. 

 5. Upgrade Your Lock Systems

Most of the victims encounter damages to the doors or windows of their property when the burglars attempt to tamper or break-in. Therefore, it is important to invest in locks and keys to add extra security to your property. Having a solid security system such as electronic locks, deadlocks as per your choice and suitability from the different available options can help to secure your property.

6. Security Cameras

Security cameras have now become a part of a smart security system for any type of property. Installing security cameras around your home or office will allow you to monitor easily. You can have a separate camera set up or integrate with alarm systems and have access to the visual surveillance of your property from anywhere. If there are any break-ins to your property you can find out in real-time and prevent yourself from the losses. 

Upgrade your security with Locksmith Monkey in Portland

PDX crime spikes at 72.3%, here’s how to secure your property

To sum up, property theft is unpredictable. Before you become a victim of the property crime it is important to take your security to the next level. If you are figuring out to secure your property without any chores, then we are here to help you!

Here are our different locksmith services which we offer to secure your property:

High-security professional locksDoor closer installation and repairs
Gate and fence locks and securityAccess Control Devices
Master key systemsPanic bar locks

We at Locksmith Monkey provide different locksmith services to secure your residential, office, commercial buildings, or vehicles. We identify the best suitable locksmith strategies and implement it to keep you and your property safe from being theft. For more information, call us at (503) 866-9922. 

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