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5 Security Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe

5 Security Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe

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Having a pet at home brings happiness. Most people in Portland look for companionship with animals. Hence, there is an increase in demand for pets, but criminals are taking advantage of the situation. If you have a pet at home especially a dog it can help secure your property because of its strong ability to sense. When it comes to security, it’s not just confined to your home and family members but also your pets. It is important that you pay close attention to your pet’s security so that you can protect them from being stolen. At Locksmith Monkey in Portland, we dedicate ourselves to protect your houses, family and of course your furry friends from intruders. So, our locksmith experts have come up with some security tips to help keep your pet safe.

Here are the 5 security tips to keep your pet safe:

1. Install Security Cameras 

Installing security cameras at home is the best way to keep your pets safe and secure because it helps you protect and monitor your home when your pets are home alone. With video security, you can instantly track suspicious activity that helps to prevent burglars from approaching your property. So, having security cameras is definitely an added advantage to keep your pet safe. In case you encounter any problem, you will instantly receive a notification and you can check on your pets and home right away.

2. Install alarm with “Pet-Smart” sensors

If you have a pet at home, you should consider installing a pet-friendly home security system. These systems come with pet-smart motion sensors that reduce false alarms. So, when looking for pet-friendly alarm systems, make sure you consider various features like motion sensor sensitivity, security camera options, camera features, home environmental monitoring devices, smart home devices, and more. These devices are built with high-end technology and help to differentiate between your pets entering through the pet door and a burglar breaking in.

3. Install dog doors

You can always make use of the best security option available to secure your pets. Dog doors are one of the best available and feasible option. It helps your pets to conveniently enter and exit the house even when you are not around to open and close the front entrance for them. Having a pet door also gradually reduces the risk of dealing with pet accidents in your home. If you are looking to enhance the security of your pet door to protect it from intruders, a professional locksmith can help you with upgrading the security. 

4. Upgrade your locks

If you have old fashioned traditional locks, it takes just a few seconds for the intruders to lock-picking. So, having a good quality, properly working lock installed on your door will help you keep your pet safe. The way to upgrade your locks is by choosing a high-quality lock for your door as it helps to improve security. You can find a lot of lock options available in the market. From deadbolts, dead latches, to keyless entry you can choose as per your requirement. Make sure you reinforce your doors and windows, especially the front door to make your home burglar-proof. In case your locks get dysfunctional it fails to provide any security for your house as well as your pet. 

5. Make sure that your garden is safe.

Pets love to play and laze around in the garden. It is the potential spot for thieves to look into to steal the pets. However, when you have a garden it’s obvious that you make it dog-proof to make sure that they can’t run away. But have you thought about making your garden thief-proof too? Well, with the help of professional locksmiths it’s possible. Try to avoid installing easy-to-open wooden doors, low-quality locks, and short hedges as they may make it easy for intruders to enter your garden. 

Looking to secure your home to keep your pet safe? Locksmith Monkey in PDX can help you. 

Locksmith Monkey in Portland

Every animal deserves to be cared for and protected. No matter whether you have a dog, cat or any other pet it’s important to keep them safe. You can consider the above security tips to keep your pet safe. If you are looking to secure your home to keep your pet safe, we can help you. We have highly trained and qualified locksmiths who are experts in upgrading your home security that helps to keep your home, family, and your fur-friend safe and secure. And we make sure to provide security solutions that are 100% pet-friendly and thief-proof. We offer a wide range of security solutions that can solve all your lock and key problem. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our locksmith experts and schedule an appointment today. We are always available at your service.

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