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Things to consider before buying a safe

Things to consider before buying a safe

Things to consider before buying a safe

A safe is the most secure place in your home, where you can store all your money, valuables, records, and documents. Installing a safe to your home is a great way to protect all your valuables from being burglarized or harmed. Investing in a safe is the best security solution for your belongings and needless to say we highly recommend it. 

There is a wide range of safes available in the market. However, if you are planning to buy a safe there are a few things you should consider. The following points will help you focus on your requirements and choose the right safe for your home. 

1. Type of items you want to store:

Before you start planning to buy a safe, the first thing you need to consider is the type of items you want to store. You can store all your valuables such as gold, Jewellery, cash, important documents, weapons or anything which has more value. If you don’t know what you want to store, just take a moment to think about all your different valuables and then decide what items you want to store to protect from theft or fire. 

2. What type of safe do you need?

You can find different types of safes that are available in the market. Each one of them is designed to serve specific needs. Here are the most common safes available:

  • Wall safes
  • Freestanding safes
  • Floor safes
  • Fire-resistant safes
  • Gun safes

Based on the type of items you plan to secure, you can decide the type of safe you want to purchase. Make sure, you always consider to choose the right type of safe. 

3. How much space will you need?

Before buying safe take measurements to know how much space you will need to store as well as to fit it inside your home. 

Most of the home safes are heavy and bulky to move so, make sure it will fit in where you want it in your home. Don’t be afraid to go for a bigger option sooner or later you will need it. 

4. Where will you keep your safe?

You will find various options to keep your safe anywhere in your home. But, consider to keep it in the right spot where it is not easily visible to the people (it also depends on the size of the safe). Most of the people keep small safes either under the bed or in a closet and these are the places the burglars look into. So make sure you keep your safe in someplace that is less common. 

5. Know Your Budget:

Safes come with a variable price range and it depends on the type of design and style you choose. Take your budget into account while buying the right safe and make sure it serves your purpose to store your valuables. You should also consider a few additional costs if you want premium quality steel, extra locks, or additional bolting to your safe.  

6. Choosing the Lock:

Before buying a safe take a minute to think about the type of lock you want, to protect your valuables. There are two types of locks which are generally available:

  • Dial Locks: Dial locks are the rotating ones where you have to rotate the dial left and right to open the safe with a combination. This type of locks is reliable because they are operated without electricity. And in case you want to change the combo, you have to take help from a professional locksmith.
  • Digital Locks: Digital locks are the type of locks which operates with a pin number. You just have to punch your secret punch code to open your safe. These locks give you the advantage to change the pin number. 

7. Should the Safe be Anchored?

The weight and size of a safe are enough to make it harder for the thieves to escape with. However, to ensure safety you can make it even harder by anchoring your safe down to the ground with the bolts. This makes it impossible for the thieves to lift the safe. 

8. Will your Safe serve it’s purpose?

It’s ok to choose a less flashy model but, make sure it is large enough to hold all the items and has all the proper functions. Once you buy a safe, install it and check for all the features. After all, buying the right safe with a high-end feature won’t matter if you don’t make use of it in the right way to protect all your valuables. 

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Things to consider before buying a safe

Safes are different type of security systems as compared to the traditional ones with lock and key. Storing your valuables in a secure space and protecting it, is never a bad idea. Sometimes, unforeseeable disasters can hit you and you can lose all your valuables. Installing a safe will ensure the safety of your valuables without any risk. 

We at Locksmith Monkey in Portland offers safe installation services with a wide range of high-end design and lock options. For more information, get in touch with us today!

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