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How to Remove a Broken Key from a Door Lock in Portland, OR.

How to Remove a Broken Key from a Door Lock in Portland, OR.

How to Remove a Broken Key from a Door Lock in Portland, OR.

It is inevitable that keys will break over time because of wear and fatigue. Turning the key can result in a break of the key in the lock mechanism. In that case, how does one remove the key from the lock? Undoubtedly, you can try to solve the problem yourself before calling a locksmith by using the following tools and methods.

  1. oil
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Needle-nosed tools
  4. Scroll saw or jig saw tool

It should be possible to either rake or pull the key out of the lock mechanism, depending on how much is stuck in the lock.

How to Remove a Broken Key from a Door Lock in Portland, Or. Key stuck in the door lock

The process of removing a broken key isn’t always easy. However, if you wish to avoid hiring a locksmith, try the following:

Take the lock apart

First, taking a Schlage lock and door hardware (or other brand) apart is the easiest and fastest way to expose the back side. With the cylinder apart, you can now poke out the key through the backside.

Paper clips or other small rods inserted through the cylinder hole can often be used to push out the broken key.

If you are not comfortable disassembling and reassembling it yourself.  In addition,  you can take it to a locksmith.

It is pertinent to note that some brands of locks, like Kwikset, lack access holes on the back.


Penetrating oil can be sprayed into the keyhole to loosen it up. If you’ve recently experienced difficulty operating the lock, this may be helpful to you.

Examine what’s left

Examine the length of the key that broke free from the lock. It is possible that the lock is still aligned to let the key in and out if the key broke in the middle. This is because the part you are holding contains some of the missing cuts. Take a screwdriver and turn the lock vertically to try and remove the broken part.

Put pliers to use

Place the tip of a pair of needle-nosed pliers in the keyhole. You can try to pull out the broken key. It’s most likely to work if the key broke at its head.

Use a Jig Saw

Scroll saw or jigsaw blades with downward-pointing teeth can be inserted into the keyhole. It should feel like the teeth of the knife are grabbing one of the key’s cuts as you push it in. You can remove the saw blade now. Hopefully, it will come out with the broken key.

Use Superglue

Superglue can be applied if the broken key is deep inside the lock. Note however, that using this method can definitely ruin your lock.  Furthermore, When using super glue try not to apply it to the lock’s functional parts, such as the pins.

However, if you don’t mind the risk of damaging your lock by accident, you may try this method!

First and foremost, apply superglue to the broken area of the key which is in your hand and, remove any excess globs of glue by smearing it around.

Ensure the key piece is inserted straight into the lock and apply pressure so that the two parts glue together.

Slowly pull the key out of the hole after the glue has set for a few minutes.  Then, you should be able to pull an intact, whole key if this works.

If you tried all and any of the above and still feel you may need help from a competent locksmith, we are happy to assist you 24/7. We are happy to handle any type of locksmith job you may have. Feel free to contact Locksmith Monkey for all of your Locksmith needs in the entire Metropolitan Portland area.



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