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Honda Locks & Ignition Repair

Honda Ignition & Door Lock Issues – Key will not turn or sticky keys

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It is quite obvious that the Honda Ignition key problem as faced by the Honda customer or users in recent time has been a major setback to the sales of Honda product. One may not notice it as early as possible, not until it begins to develop fault. This problem surface or kick start after Honda decide to change the ignition cut key to a higher security laser cut key in 2002, prior to this period, Honda has been using the standard key of which many of their numerous users are used to. Such key may have to be cut on all sides to enable someone to cut the key properly, this can be done manually as it used to be or through digital means. Honda, in recent time, has recorded the highest number of car theft in the state.

In 2002 Honda upgraded to the level of security to prevent people from stealing Honda products, but such measure was not enough to prevent the vehicle from being stolen.

Honda Ignition Faults – High Security Laser Cut Keys:
Advantages & Disadvantages

It is obvious to have upgraded to the high security laser cut key using microchip due to the mass theft of Honda vehicle. One of these advantages may be to reduce the level at which Honda product is being stolen, that is reducing the chance of duplicating the key at any cutting centers or shops. It also has disadvantages, which include; splitting the key to the half size of the original key after using it for some years. It may also cause the ignition to slip off its position; this will lock the ignition key. The above problem can be solved with proper maintenance’s of the ignition by regular cleaning using electric cleanser; one can as well keep the vehicle key separate from every other key to ensure safety and good maintenance because most often than not too much key chain can wear out the main key position.

Honda Ignition fail to Unlock Your Steering Wheel

  1. The key to my Honda vehicle refuses to go into ignition
    It may just be because the key to your Honda vehicle is damaged, don’t try forcing the key to the ignition, so as not to spoil the ignition more when forced. When your key opens and closes the door, it then means you have ignition issues but when the key can only open the door, then you will have to check your key for damage issues.
  2. I can’t take out the key of my Honda vehicle from its ignition
    Most times, it happen that you may have automatic transmission which may lead to gear shift, you need to check if your gear has shifted from the right position or they may be any object causing obstruction. You can put the ignition on, and gently put the gear to park position; this will enable you to take out the key from the ignition.
  3. The key to my Honda vehicle is in the ignition but cannot turn, the steering key is lock and they is no movement.
    This depend on the area in which the vehicle is parked, it may be park on the hill, this may be as a result of the pressure build on the wheel, and when this pressure is transferred into the wheel, you will need to turn the wheel to the same direction and then insert the key into the ignition. This will enable the vehicle to move but remember not to do it with force so as not to damage the ignition.
  4. The key to my Honda vehicle enters the ignition but does not turn –even as I unlocked the wheel.
    At this point you don’t need to turn the wheel again, you will have to spray WD40 to the key slot, you can try it and you will see it working again.
Honda Accord Door Lock Fix Honda Ignition

Once you cannot solve this problem with your own effort, you can as well contact our customer care hotlines and we will come to the venue within some minutes.

In case, you may have the same issue that the key to your Honda vehicle refuses to open the door lock, we can come to your rescue base on the description above, by getting the necessary tools to build back your door with the appropriate key

Check for recall by VIN – Official Gov’t Site For Vehicle Safety Recall Info. Learn More Now!

Honda Ignition Issues Dealership vs. Locksmith Monkey

Do you have a Honda vehicle before 2002? Buying an ignition cylinder lock shouldn’t be a problem, this is because it comes differently from the ignition house, by doing these, it will become so easier and less expensive to fix. Based on the upgrading of the high security laser cut back in 2002, it has drastically enhanced the way in which Honda ignition are repaired.

Honda Ignition Issues – Visiting A Dealership

Once you discover this problem, the dealership is entitled to help you change the ignition unit, (this may result into you having two different keys, that is, the ignition cylinder lock and the ignition housing). This would need the programming of the dealership, but it will warrant extra payment, in a situation where you lose the ignition key; you may not have a new key for your ignition unless you go back to the dealership and start the same process all over as the unit and the VIN are not equal.

Honda Ignition Problems Calling Locksmith Monkey

This ignition problem are problems that occur regularly with Honda vehicles. We will send over an expert to come inspect the vehicle in short waiting time. This will reduce the expense of towing the vehicle, and once we arrive, we will have to rebuild a new ignition lock cylinder as specified by the manufacturer of the vehicle. In doing these, it will stop you from changing the whole ignition unit as stated earlier. However, we will ensure that your new ignition match with the original cylinder locks. This means that you will have one primary key for your vehicle lock and ignition. Also, in a situation where you lost your key, our expert can reproduce a new key from your VIN which will not result into changing your ignition cylinder lock. Be aware that we cannot create or program spare key for you without having to take them along.

Models and Years you can face with – Honda Ignition and door locks Issues:

  • 2003 – 2013 Honda Accord – Key fail to turn in door and ignition.
  • 2003 – 2013 Honda CIVIC – Key will not turn.
  • 2004 – 2010 Honda S2000 – Ignition issues.
  • 2003 – 2013 Honda Pilot – Ignition will not turn.
  • 2003 – 2013 Honda Odyssey – Key sticks in the ignition.
  • 2007 – 2012 Honda FIT – Key will not work.
  • 2002 – 2013 Honda CRV – Ignition fail to turn.
  • 2002 – 2011 Honda Element – Ignition fail to turn.
  • 2006 – 2013 Honda Ridgeline – Key will no slide in ignition.
  • 2010 – 2012 Honda Crosstour   – Steering Wheel locked up.
  • 2005 – 2012 Honda Insight – Key Stuck in ignition.

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