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Fire-rated doors in Oregon and how they affect Small Business

Fire-rated doors in Oregon and how they affect Small Business

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Is your small business’s location up to safety standards in Oregon? Making sure that your small business’s building is up to code is critical for your peace of mind. There are many important aspects of fire safety and one that you need to focus on is your fire-rated doors. 

Let’s take a look at what these types of doors are and why they matter to small businesses in Oregon. You’ll be more informed and can make the right decision when it comes to increasing your business’s safety with fire-rated doors. 

What are fire-rated doors?

Fire-rated doors are doors that are rated to resist fire by reducing the spread of fire and smoke. With fire-rated doors, it becomes possible to exit your building with greater safety and ease during an emergency situation. 

There are different standards for fire doors, but the main feature of fire doors is that they will not set on fire as fast as normal doors. 

They’re able to resist the spread of heat and smoke for a specific period of time. And in an emergency fire situation, every second makes the difference. 

The importance of fire-rated doors for small businesses in Oregon

Here are the major reasons why small business owners need to explore fire-rated doors in Oregon:

Commercial buildings must use fire-rated doors

The law requires non-residential buildings to use fire-rated doors to meet the building code. It’s important to be aware of your local laws, especially those to do with the state of Oregon and your locality in particular. While fire safety doors are optional for private homes, it’s a good idea for homeowners to consider installing them. They create a margin of safety and protection for any type of building. 

Avoid penalization

The simple fact is that fire-rated doors are a must for mixed buildings and non-residential places. Getting a warning or a fine can your business’s standing and impact other issues like getting necessary licenses. Compliance with the law and fire safety codes creates positive signals for your business and reduces your liability in the case of unfortunate events. 

Protect your employees

The health and safety of your employees is a critical function that comes under your responsibility. Installing fire-rated doors will ensure safety at your workplace. Fire doors give people more time to leave the building in an orderly way.

There are different types of fire doors that you need to install in your business’s building. One important feature of a fire-rated door is how easily it allows people to exit from a building during a fire. You need to make sure that the doors are accessible to everyone. And you will not require complex mechanisms or excessive force to exit the building through the door. A good locksmith company like Locksmith Monkey will make it easy for you to install the right fire-rated doors for your building.

Other things small business owners should know

We’ve looked at what fire-rated doors are and why they matter. Now, we’ll find out what to look for when picking and installing fire-rated doors. 

Study different ratings

Not all fire-rated doors are the same. In fact, the very name suggests that fire doors are given a rating based on their capabilities – On how long they can withstand heat and smoke. All fire doors will burn eventually but they can combust at different times starting from as little as 30 minutes to as high as 3 hours. 

You also get fire doors based on materials like steel, glass, glazed material, and wood. And doors come with different features. You can opt between shutter, swing, and sliding fire-rated doors. 

Check the certification

Before buying fire-rated doors, make sure that they have the right certifications. They need to go through rigorous tests to earn specific certification stickers. 

Look for manufacturers that are audited by third parties. Auditing takes place during the actual fire test, during the manufacturing period, regular inspections, and through unique labels for the parts of the door. 

Some studies will help you pick the right fire doors that you can rely on to protect your small business.  

Maintain your fire-rated doors

Even if you install solid and reliable fire safety doors, it doesn’t mean that you’re done. Maintenance is a critical part of fire safety in general. 

Don’t place any objects, large or small, near fire-rated doors because they can cause obstructions during an emergency. If a door breaks or doesn’t work, immediately contact your locksmith or servicing company and get the doors fixed. Not maintaining your fire-rated doors can lead to fines and even jail time. 


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Are you convinced that you need fire-rated doors? We hope you’ve found this post informative and useful. Locksmith Monkey is the best locksmith service in PDX. Contact us to install fire-rated doors in Oregon for your small business to protect your employees and meet the fire standards set by the law. We also provide a wide range of locksmith services. Make sure you check out our portfolio of offerings and book an appointment based on your needs and requirements. 

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