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All you need to know about Laser cut keys: Locksmith Monkey

All you need to know about Laser cut keys: Locksmith Monkey

laser cut keys

Laser-cut keys are a great way to add customization to your locks and keys. They help to keep track of your keys or for adding an extra layer of protection for your key. These laser cut keys have a unique style that is sure to make your key stand out from the rest. They can be made in any shape, size or color you want by using the principles of laser cutting. 

You can find different types of keys, including skeleton keys, and tubular keys, these are all very similar to one another in that they have no moving parts and do not require crank mechanisms or springs. 

Laser Cut Key vs. Standard Cut Key

When it comes to key blanks, we all know that there are two types: 

  1. Standard cut 
  2. Laser-cut. 

Now the question is, which one is better? The common belief is that laser-cut keys will last longer than standard cut keys. As laser-cut keys use laser technology to create a higher quality key than the standard blank. And they are manufactured with unique cuts and contours, thus ensuring that they are more difficult to duplicate.

However, the debate between which key is best has gone on for some time. Each locksmith has its own preference, but there are benefits and drawbacks to each kind of cut. While standard keys are easy to produce in bulk with a mill or stamping machine, laser cut keys are much more secure, as they cannot be copied using other methods. Key cutting machines enable the production of master keys, sub-master keys and working (or “slave”) keys from one original key. 

Benefits of a Laser Cut Key

The laser-cut key is an innovative new product that is being used by many different businesses. The original key has been around for thousands of years, and yet there have only been a few changes to its basic design over time. The laser-cut key offers some distinct advantages over the traditional metal car key design, though.

How durable is the laser cut key?

Laser-cut keys are more durable since it’s made of hardened steel that can last for years without showing significant signs of wear, even with heavy daily use. However, the traditional keys will wear down over time, and the key’s teeth will become too jagged to open locks. 

The steel in the laser-cut key is shaped into a specific code that matches a lock’s cylinder. These keys have an advantage over traditional keys because they can be copied as needed without breaking them apart like you would with a traditional set of keys.

How does it work?

When you get a laser-cut key and insert it into the lock, the key is able to push past the pins inside of the cylinder because they are attached to springs that turn with the key as it turns. The springs will then pull back into place when you take out your key.

Why you should invest in a laser-cut key?

There are a number of advantages to investing in a laser-cut key. Not only does it add to the aesthetics, but it is also practical. If you are the type of person who is constantly losing your keys, maybe it is time to invest in a laser-cut key. Every year, people lose billions of dollars because they misplace their keys. A laser-cut key can be imprinted with any logo or design that you like. It will always remain safe and secure on your key ring. It allows you to quickly get inside your home without having to dig for your key or struggle with a lock that’s not working properly. The best thing about a laser-cut key is that it can be customized.

Locksmith Monkey, PDX for all Your Key Cutting Needs

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Locksmith Monkey, PDX is the company you can trust for all your key cutting needs. We have professional locksmiths who are skilled in creating laser cut keys and other security measures that will provide you with the best protection against intruders. Whether you need a key for your car, business or home, Locksmith Monkey can help. We are the best and most affordable locksmith in Portland, OR.

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