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All you need to know about Door handles: Locksmith Monkey

All you need to know about Door handles: Locksmith Monkey

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Overall, an important part of a door is the handle. Obviously, they are the main point of contact between you and your door. Therefore,  it is important to choose one that adds to the aesthetics of your home as well as keeping it secure.

In fact, door handles are among the most overlooked features of a house. The fact is that there are many types of door handles and each one has its own purpose. In adition, it all depends on the type of doors you have in your home. Certainly, the handle should be strong, durable and sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear from frequent use.

Parts of a Door Handle

As we discussed above, door handles are an important component of a door. Consequently, they are mainly used to open, close and lock the door. Any door handle is usually made up of two or more parts that work together to accommodate the functions. It is important to know about the parts of a door handle, as they all have different performances and mechanisms. Following is the list of parts of a door:

Doorlevel or Doorknob: 

By all means, the doorknob is the first part of a door that a user encounters. Ordinarily, you can find a wide range of doorknobs, but most fall into two categories, external and internal. In any case, an external doorknob is mounted on the outside of the door, while an internal doorknob is mounted on the inside.


Latch is a new type of handle that makes door opening easy and secure. These handles are attached to the door by means of a slot. In effect, there’s no need to twist the doorknob, or even touch it at all. just swing your hand, and bam! The latch will open for you.

Latch strike: 

It is the slot where the latch enters. A door latch strike is an inexpensive part that can help you to boost the security of your front door. A strike is essentially a metal bar with a hole in it which works as the locking mechanism for your door. 


A deadbolt is a locking mechanism that uses a bolt to secure the door in addition to the regular doorknob lock. It is considered more secure than just using a traditional doorknob lock alone. A deadbolt can be installed on both the inside and outside of your front or back door, depending on whether you have an existing keyed entry knob set.


A snib is a built-in locking mechanism. A snib is what the user will push or turn to lock the door. 

Different types of a door handles

Just like the doors, there are many kinds of handles too. Every door type has a different handle, and its mechanism also differs. And there is a huge market demand for handles, depending on their use and looks. Selecting a handle that best fits your needs does sound simple, but it gets complicated once you are ready to decide. Hence, we have provided a list of various handles to help you make the right choice.

1) Lever Latch

Simple to use, a lever latch keeps the door shut. A lever handle allows the user to release the latch and open the door. It comes with an elongated handle, and pushing the handle down operates the latch mechanism inside. Turning a doorknob will give you the same result as the doorknobs function with the same concept. You will find the lever latch handles at homes and offices. They usually don’t have locks, ideal for interiors where the locking mechanism is not mandatory. Deadbolts and chain locks are installed with the lever latch to offer more security. 

2) Electronic locks 

You can install Electronic locks into your door and pair it with different handle types. Some of them have their handles with keypads built in. 

3) Lever Lock 

When you compare the lever lock to the lever latch, you will find a lot of similarities. However, The main difference is that the lever locks have a keyhole for the mortise plate under the lever. The door functions freely once unlocked or securely closed when keyed in. It allows for a built-in locking mechanism while keeping the parts and designs simple. They are perfect for interiors, rooms that need to be secured, with the freedom to access them easily. 

4) Pull door handles 

These handles don’t have any latches and latch strike, or any built-in locking or security mechanism. These doors are simply designed to open and shut them. Passage and kitchen handles are common for this type, easiest to find in the market. 

5) Lever Privacy

They work just like the lever bathroom handles. A locking mechanism is built into the handle and turning the snib locks the door. You can unlock it with a key from outside. They usually don’t have an in-built mortise plate. They are ideal for bedrooms, as you get privacy and security, and only the key holder has access from outside. Deadbolts and other locking mechanisms are added if the lever privacy handles are used on exterior doors. 

6) Bathroom door handle/ Lever Bathroom

The Lever Bathroom handles are easy to lock from inside, well secured, and protected. But it can be easily unlocked from the outside, using an object that fits into the knob or handle’s slot. It goes well with children’s rooms, and the elderly ones too. As the name suggests, they are meant for bathroom doors, as it lets you know if the room is occupied. Many accidents can potentially take place in a bathroom, the simple locking mechanism helps in those situations. 

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The security of your house is very important, and this is especially true for the different types of doors that you have in your home. We hope this blog post has given you a better understanding of the different types of doors handles available and how to go about choosing the best ones for your home.

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