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A Guide to buying the best door locks: Locksmith Monkey

A Guide to buying the best door locks: Locksmith Monkey

The front door is the first line of defense against intruders for most homes. As such, it’s important to have a quality lock on your door to deter would-be burglars. Door locks have come a long way in the past few years. You can now purchase locks that are not only keyless but that also use your fingerprint to unlock them. This means that you no longer have to worry about losing your keys or about someone picking up the locksmith.

There are a lot of different things to consider when you’re buying a new door lock. Do you want a keyless lock? A deadbolt? How many keys do you want cut? What kind of warranty does the lock have? These are all important questions, but perhaps the most important question of all is: what type of locking mechanism does your door have? 

Not all locks are created equal, and not all mechanisms are compatible with all locks. So before you go out and buy a new lock, it’s important to consider all the factors. 

But with so many different locks available on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. That’s where our latest guide comes in. In this guide, ‘A Guide to buying the best door locks: Locksmith Monkey’, we’ll take you through everything you need to know when purchasing a new door lock. 

Choosing between the door lock types

For any type of property be it residential, commercial or office, the most important security element is the door locks. As discussed above, you can find a wide range on door locks based on your requirements. But most importantly, you should always keep in mind that, the type of lock differs for interior and exterior doors. 

Doorknob Locks:

They are often found on bedroom doors and bathroom doors. One of the advantages of using the doorknob is that they are durable, cost-effective and helps in securing a particular room. These locks prevent someone from turning the doorknob to open the door. It also helps ensure that unauthorized people cannot access a particular room. Any professional locksmith will recommend these locks for a light level of security.

Deadbolt Locks:

They are commonly found on exterior doors. The outside portion has a keyhole and the inside portion has a cylindrical thumb latch that helps in engaging or disengaging the lock. They are also specialized locks cylinder or double locks that are durable. Locksmiths do not recommend that you install double cylinder locks on the exterior doors of your home. Because these locks can act as a hazard and prevent you from exiting the home in case of fire or another emergency. 

Chain Locks:

It provides an added layer of security when combined with a deadbolt or doorknob locks. The basic principle of chain lock is to allow you to open the door slightly without having to open the door completely. A person won’t be able to come inside until you close the door and release the chain, allowing you to open the door all the way.

Cam Locks:

Cam locks are a versatile type of lock most often used for low-security applications. They are commonly seen on filing cabinets and mailboxes. They are one of the most customizable types of locks around.


The most common type of door locks around, padlocks are also among the most recognizable locks on the planet. Though they come in different sizes, it is their distinctive freestanding design that sets them apart. These locks don’t need to be permanently attached to anything in order to properly function. But they aren’t high among the most secure lock types though they are cheap. 

Mortise Locks:

Commercial doors and glass entry doors are often equipped with mortise cylinder locks. Some apartment doors also use this type of lock. Mortise locks are one of the best options to install on doors that are not kick-proof.

Electronic Door Locks:

Electronic door locks come with advanced automation features, like remote locking or unlocking. Most of the times, these locks the door automatically. Even though they are commonly found on cars, many cutting-edge security providers are offering electronic door locks for homes and businesses. These locks do not offer fancy features, but they can keep your doors secure.

Smart Locks:

These locks come with unique features such as remote control, voice control, access logs, geofencing, and other smart features. These locks add conveniences like optional WI-FI/Bluetooth connectivity, peace of mind through remote control and other smart features.

Child-proof Locks:

Child safety locks are the kind of lock that can be used on several types of doors within the home to keep little fingers out. These are mostly for the safety of young children who could harm themselves by getting into the contents of the refrigerator, cabinets, closets, unsafe stairways or other hazardous things.

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As discussed above, locks are an important security element to add to your property. But buying the best door locks for your doors can be quite challenging. In this article, ‘A Guide to buying the best door locks: Locksmith Monkey’ we have put up a list of the best door locks on the market. If you are in the market for a new lock, be sure to consult this list for the best options. It is important to choose the right lock for your needs in order to keep your home safe. If you are in the Portland area and need help with locks and keys, contact locksmith monkey. We will help you choose the best lock for your home and install it for you.

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