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5 Tips to Enhance Any Commercial Door

5 Tips to Enhance Any Commercial Door

5 Tips to Enhance Any Commercial Door

Providing your employees with secure and efficient workspaces is critical as a business owner.

A commercial door upgrade is one of the most effective ways to prevent burglaries from occurring.

The tenants of commercial buildings require an easy-accessible and safe working environment.

The key to providing easy entry and exit is to ensure that your employees, clients, and other individuals can do so without delay.

The following are some of the more sophisticated commercial door upgrades we can help you with at Locksmith Monkey:

  1. Upgrade your privacy protection

Upgraded commercial doors ensure privacy.

In buildings that have gender-neutral restrooms, worship rooms, and medical rooms, it is essential that the doors are private and secure.

In cases like these, doors with visible locks are preferred. Using color, people can see whether the door is locked or unlocked just by looking at it. Locked doors display red, and locked doors display green.

You may specify and add features that are appropriate for your workplace based on your organisational requirements. Add privacy locks to existing doors.

  1. Install an Access Control System (ACS)

Access control systems limit who can access them. Designed to prevent unauthorised access to your business premises, they are useful for personnel who deal with confidential business information. Consider having one installed on your door.

  1. Install a Card access system (CAS)

Individuals with a valid card can swipe it against the sensor to gain access to the area. Those without a card cannot enter. Similarly, keypad entries require a code or sequence of numbers that serve as a password. Facial recognition or fingerprints are used in biometric access.

It depends on which functionality your business needs to stay secure. For more insight into these functions, consult the door installation experts at Locksmith Monkey.

  1. install Patented Locks

To protect sensitive information, many organisations restrict access to keys to specific individuals. It is possible, however, to duplicate keys and to misuse them if they fall into unintended hands.

Patenting your lock systems is therefore a wise idea. Locksmiths or lock companies enter into agreements with you about key control privileges. If this agreement is in place, no one else would be able to duplicate the keys.

Get the most out of your door security by contacting us today.

  1. Set up security

Adding a security system to your commercial doors is another worthwhile upgrade. Systems for access control and security are equally effective. In fact, some security systems also control access. Combined with access control and a heavy-duty door, security systems deter burglars.

Sensors that sound when an intruder passes by could be included in security systems. High-security zones including entry doors can also be monitored with television monitors. Adding a fire alarm to a building is another essential security measure. It emits a sound when smoke or fire is present within the structure.

As crime becomes more prevalent, your current commercial doors may need an upgrade. Let our locksmith company replace your old, obsolete commercial door with a significantly better one. You’ll receive a no-obligation estimate from one of our professional locksmiths for your commercial door services.

Upgrade your commercial doors with Locksmith Monkey

Your commercial door can be updated without costing you a lot of money or effort. Upgrade your business’ security and privacy by upgrading your door.

Whatever your door problem is, Locksmith Monkey can help. All our commercial door upgrades can be customized to meet your needs and requirements, from minor to advanced.

With Locksmith Monkey, you’re always safe and secure with door locks, security systems, camera systems, safes, and more. Get in touch with us today to find out how our locksmith services can help you!

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