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5 Simple Ways to Secure Your Garage

5 Simple Ways to Secure Your Garage

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A garage attached to your house gives you easy access and convenience to protect your favourite vehicles and equipment. But at the same time, it’s one of the weakest entry-points for burglars to slide into your house. And they find a lot of ways to break into your garage. Any potential burglar can easily access your garage door if the door security is weak. The garage door security also greatly depends on the type of garage door and lock system that has been installed. However, some people often overlook garage security and face uninvited risk and consequences. So, to help you with your garage security, we bring you five simple ways to secure your garage straight from our residential locksmith experts. 

5 security tips to secure your Garage:

1. Upgrade your Garage Doors:

The garage door is one of the main entry points for burglars to break into your house. If you have an old garage door installed with a standard lock it’s more likely to be targeted. Because the old doors don’t provide much security as compared to the modern doors. Now technology is growing at a faster pace, hence the locksmith industry is adopting these technologies to bring out advanced residential security solutions. In recent days, garage doors have evolved with technological advancement. They are equipped with smart security features that help to keep your garage secure. You can find a wide range of automatic doors in the market integrated with a smart security system such as remote-control doors, fingerprint garage locks, keyless entry, overhead door locks and more. So, make use of the advanced technology and upgrade your security with high-tech garage doors.

2. Consider installing a high-quality Garage Door Lock:

Door locks are an integral part of your home security. They are not just limited to your front door, but also your garage door needs to be secured with a high-quality lock. There are different types of garage locks available in the market – Electronically Operated Locks, Garage Door Deadbolts, T-Handle Locks Keyless Digital Locks, Side Mounted Bolt to name a few. Depending on your security needs you can choose the right one. 

3. Install Motion Sensor Lights:

If you have poor exterior lightings for your house, it’s easy for burglars to target and execute their plan. Make sure you have well-lit lights installed at all the main entry points including the garage. Nowadays, unlike other security systems, you can find a wide range of advanced lighting options available. One of the most popular choices by house owners is motion sensor lights. These lights are equipped with sensors that detect if there is any movement or motion. The lights automatically turn on when someone approaches your garage door. With motion-activated lighting, you can easily protect your garage and home from potential burglars. 

4. Secure the Door from your Garage to Home:

Most houses have attached garages and it gives you the convenience to easily enter and exit from your home other than the front door. The door between your garage and home is the main entry point for burglars to peek inside. So, it is necessary to take possible security precautions by installing a high-quality electronic lock or a deadlock that makes it impossible for a burglar to break into your house. 

5. Install a Security Camera:

Most people neglect securing their garage, but it is necessary to avoid future break-ins. One of the best ways to secure your garage is by installing a security camera. Make sure your garage security system is connected to your home security integrated with an alarm so that you can monitor and track in real-time. If a burglar attempts to break in to your garage door and slide into your house, you can take immediate action. 

Upgrade your Garage Security with Locksmith Monkey

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Burglars always target properties with weak security which makes it easy for them to break in. Therefore, every house owner needs to have a prime focus on securing main entry points including the garage. It’s always a better idea to plan your garage security ahead of future risks. If you are looking to upgrade your garage door security in PDX, Locksmith Monkey can help you. We provide you with a 360-degree security solution for your garage door to keep your home and your family secure. 

We offer a wide range of garage door locksmith services and that includes:

  • Garage Door Setting up
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Damaged Garage Door rollers, cabling and springs
  • fixed/changed
  • Emergency Garage Door Restoration
  • Preventive Service Program
  • Service/Restoration on any garage door
  • Service/Repair on any opener

Our residential locksmiths are highly skilled and trained. whether you need garage door installation or repair, we cover it all. In addition, we deal with all types of residential lock and key problems. So, please free to contact Locksmith Monkey today! We assure you to take your garage security to the next level. 

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