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Why Use an Access Control System for your Business?

Why Use an Access Control System for your Business?

Data breaches, cyberattacks, and data theft are all prevented by access control systems. You can control who can view and use documents, assets, or resources with access control. Access control can also be used to control a building’s access.  Access control systems provide your business with a level of security that minimizes risk exposure.

Business and property owners are able to take advantage of access control lock systems in order to:

  1. Deactivate access to lost cards without the need to re-key them in order to regain access.
  2. Grant or remove access to an employee or remove an employee from the system by granting or removing access.
  3. Provide each individual user with a unique access code so they have control, accountability, and the ability to track any activities that they carry out on the system.
  4. Give specific people access to a specific area, as well as giving them access at a specific time, depending on the circumstances.
  5. Manage employee access to rooms and buildings in a controlled manner in order to prevent unauthorized entry.
  6. Provide a management tool that can provide an audit trail of all activities.
  7. In case of a security breach, immediately remove access to rooms and buildings.
  8. Ensure that security measures are in place for both on-boarding and off-boarding employees and vendors.
  9. Maintain a clear, concise, and easy-to-access record of who is entering and leaving any specific room or building, and at what time, in a timely manner.
  10. Easily redefine access to rooms or buildings in case of lost keys with very little effort or cost to the business owner.

How Does the Access Control system Work?

Basically, there are three main components to the system: input devices, output devices, and a central processor. Using a card, you can enter the building.  Upon swipe, the processing unit’s door is opened with your code.   The door is unlocked after the processor verifies your employment. It is possible to unlock the door lock by sending a signal to this relay. As everything happens so quickly, the door will appear to open instantly from your perspective.

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