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What to look for in a Commercial Safe?

What to look for in a Commercial Safe?

What to look for in a Commercial Safe?

Many business owners overlook the importance of commercial safes when it comes to securing their premises. Commercial safes can protect your valuable documents from fire and heat harm to a large extent and will protect sensitive items like legal paperwork. Consider these factors when choosing the most suitable commercial safe. Alternatively, you can contact Locksmith Monkey and we will help you select the appropriate safe.

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UL Rating:

A commercial safe’s UL rating is the first thing to consider. There are two categories of UL ratings: theft safety and fire safety.

Burglary and theft ratings indicate how to protect items from break-ins and thefts. A safe’s rating indicates its resistance to physical damage. B-rated safes are the most susceptible and are most suitable for home use, for storing less valuable things.

The TL-60X6 rated commercial safe is the toughest since it has to be broken into from all six sides to gain access. It may take half an hour of heavy equipment to break into the TL-30 safe. If you need a safe installed in your home or business, call Locksmith Monkey (503) 866-9922.

Choosing a safe: Other considerations to keep in mind:

Fire Rating

A safe’s fire rating is another factor to take into account. A safe’s fire rating defines its ability to protect valuable goods. Safes have three fire ratings:

  1. A half-hour rate safe protects its contents against fire and heat for up to 30 minutes. Temps up to 1500°F can be handled by this safe.
  2. Safes with 1-hour rates can protect valuables for up to an hour without damaging them.
  3. The 2-hour rate safe remains fire, heat, and explosion-resistant for up to 2 hrs..

Safe Size:

The size of the safe is also important. Commercial safes don’t come in one size. It depends on what you want to protect and what you require to secure. You’d need a more spacious safe with shelves inside if you want to protect lots of items. If you just need a safe to store cash, even a small unit will do.

Commercial safes locking mechanisms

Locking Mechanism:

Last but not least, understand which locking mechanism is best for you. Commercial safes have several locking mechanisms. There are safes that come with electronic locking mechanisms instead of just a lock and key. Some even open with a fingerprint. Your needs are what matters. Nonetheless, you should know that an electronic lock is safer than a mechanical one.

Call Locksmith Monkey for all your residential and commercial safe needs

The first step is to buy a safe that meets your needs, the second step is to install it properly. Working with a professional locksmith technician will ensure your valuables are protected. Contact us at (503) 866-9922.  As Portland’s #1 locksmith, we can help you with all your safe and security needs.

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