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What to do when you’ve lost your front door key and don’t have a spare?

What to do when you’ve lost your front door key and don’t have a spare?

What to do when you’ve lost your front door key and don’t have a spare?

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You know the feeling when you can’t find your door keys? Unfortunately, there’s nothing more stressful than feeling worried as you desperately search for them. Therefore, before calling a locksmith, first consider these things.

First, take a deep breath

In a panic, you don’t always think of the obvious: Does anyone else have your key? What about acquaintances, relatives, or neighbors? Perhaps the landlord? Try to think of anyone who might be able to help you.

Second, try to do it yourself

In most cases, you may still have your credit card in your wallet if you lose your keys. An easy way to open a door without a key is to use this handy pocket tool. Touch the doorknob with your card. You’ll gradually be able to slide it in. Once it is in, push the lock back by bending your card in the reverse direction. Once you’ve done that, try to open your lock.

Third, always make sure the lock is properly lubricated

You may still possess your key… but it’s been broken off in the lock. Now you have a broken key that needs to be removed from the lock. Fortunately, there is a way out. It is possible to remove a broken key in several ways. To avoid further damage to the defective part, the other half of the key should never be used if the key breaks in the lock. Doing so may push the key deeper.

There is some evidence that lubricating the lock can be helpful. Lubricants that are dry tend to be better than lubricants that are oil-based, but they will both work in an emergency. Take pliers to that key, and slide it out!

Lastly, try using a tool

Removal of a key can also be accomplished with everyday items such as hair clips, paper clips, and bobby pins in the absence of lubricant. Of course, tweezers are the most effective tool. These are handy for prying out keys if you have them. Also, consider investing in a jigsaw blade or a broken key extractor if this happens often.

If the above methods fail, what should be done next

Of course, if all else fails, hire a locksmith. Unlocking a door can be a challenging task for those without time for DIY projects. We recommend that you take the right action early and contact a professional locksmith before you do more damage.

In addition, you can always rely on Locksmith Monkey for all your Portland Oregon locksmith and key replacement as well as key extraction needs. With years of experience in key service, Locksmith Monkey can help you out of a lockout situation promptly and affordably. Feel free to contact us at (503) 465-4595 if you have any questions. We are available 24/7 to handle any locksmith situation you may have.


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