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What To Do When You Are Locked Out Of Your House In Portland?

What To Do When You Are Locked Out Of Your House In Portland?

What To Do When You Are Locked Out Of Your House In Portland?

At one point or the other, almost all of us have locked our keys in the house. While this action is often purely unintentional and down to different reasons for different people, it’s still one of the most frustrating thing that can happen to anybody. What’s more, you come back after a very stressful and tiring day only to realize that you are locked out of the house.

Unlocking a house door Portland Oregon
Unlocking a house door Portland Oregon

If this happens at night, then the mistake becomes more grievous and the consequences can be dire. For most people, being locked out of their apartment spells doom for them and they quickly enter into panic mode. While it may sound like remaining calm in a situation like this is counterproductive, it is exactly what you should do. So many people make very rash decisions that they latter regret when they act out of impulse. Ruining your door or breaking your side window isn’t always the answer. Also, banging uncontrollably on your locked door and disturbing your neighbors isn’t really advisable either.

Well, at this stage the deed has already been done, you have to come to the realization that for some reason, you are locked out of your house. If you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate situation then we have a few tips that you can try to remedy your situation.

Check For Other Possible Entrances

Once you confirm for sure that your key isn’t lying under your car seat or not mixed up with all the coins in your wallet or you didn’t forget it when you stopped for dinner or at the office and don’t have a spare, then it is time to look for another way into your house. At this point, don’t try to break anything or force any windows open. Not only can you incur substantial damage to your apartment or house, but you also risk hurting yourself in the process.

If your house has a garage, then you should scout your garage for a possible entrance. Also, checking your cellar if your home has one is also a good place to try to gain access into your house from. If your door is one of those that has room for a pet to go through, then perhaps you can try fitting yourself through it. Remember, desperate times call for desperate actions. Although, as earlier mentioned, do not try to force anything open or draw unnecessary attention to your plight.

If all means to safely gain access to your apartment fails, and your locked keys in house, then perhaps you may need to explore other options. One of which is to try to forcefully gain access into your apartment or calling a friend to bring a spare key – this is of course only possible if you gave a friend or neighbor a spare key beforehand.

How to Break In?

At this point, you must have exhausted all the possible options as to where your key may be, or you are very sure that your locked keys in house and you don’t have a spare anywhere else. Attempting to break into your house should be your last resort. Depending on your neighborhood, your relationship with your neighbor and how you go about the break-in, someone may phone the police and identify you as a burglar. Your day can’t get any worse than you trying to convince the police that you aren’t trying to break into your own house. Even at that, there are still a few smart ways to go about ‘breaking’ into your house.

Below are a few smart ways to gain entry to a locked door if you sadly find yourself locked out of YOUR house:

Try a plastic card: It is very likely that you have a form of credit, debit or plastic identification card. This can come in handy especially if you have a sprint bolt lock (where your lock is part of your door handle). With a thin plastic card, try to wedge the card in the middle of the frame and the door. While holding the card, try to push against the frame of the door, and force the card in to reach and bend the knob. You may break or damage your card while trying this, so be extra careful. Again, this trick will not work if your door has a dead bolt lock.

Sacrifice a Window

If your locked keys in house, and you can sacrifice a window, probably the cheapest one in your house, then go for it. Although, it’s probably better to break a window close to your door if you have any. But at this point, any window that you can afford to lose will do. Be careful especially when it comes to glass, you don’t want to hurt yourself in the process. Settle for a window break-in only if you think it’s reasonably safe for you to do so.

Professional Mobile Locksmith Service

There are probably several other ways that you can try to force your way into your house. But at this point you have to ask yourself if you’re not going to be putting yourself or your property in great danger.

The easiest and safest action to take if you are locked out of your apartment and if there isn’t a real emergency – such as a robbery or fire incident – is to contact your local locksmith. Most locksmiths such as Locksmith Monkey are always available 24/7 to respond to any door or locked keys in house trouble that you have regardless of the hour and time of the day. When you call a locksmith, be sure to provide your correct address and give a brief description of the kind of lock in your house.

Whether you have a deadbolt, keylock, or keyless lock system, you can always call on Locksmith Monkey at any time of the day or night to help you regain access into your locked-out apartment in the shortest possible period of time. Locksmith Monkey is a professional and reputable Locksmith service based in Portland. We offer various kinds of locksmith services including fixing locks, emergency lock services, installing locks and other door lock security related services. Do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any door or key troubles regardless of the time or hour of the day, and we will be sure to help you safely gain access to your house or apartment as soon as possible. null

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