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What To Do If Your Key Gets Stuck in The Door lock

What To Do If Your Key Gets Stuck in The Door lock

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The security of your property lies between the lock and key that you use pretty much every day. Key is the most important element to secure your property. We have discussed it in our previous articles as well. But have you ever imagined what happens if your key gets stuck in the door?  

Keys getting stuck in the lock is one of the most common problems that most people face in Portland. At Locksmith Monkey, we get enquiries about keys getting stuck in the lock daily. We understand that how inconvenient it is to deal with a troublesome situation. The keys can get stuck into your door lock for various reasons and to get your key out of the door you need to have proper tools and without taking assistance from a professional locksmith you can’t regain access to your property. 

Why do keys get stuck in the door?

As mentioned above keys gets stuck in the door for various reasons. One of the main reasons is snapping, other reasons may be because of wear and tear or if you use the wrong key to the lock or the key to the wrong lock that can make your key stuck in the lock.

And to ease your concerns, we have compiled a list of important tips straight from our locksmith experts on what to do when your key gets stuck in the lock. Keep reading this article to find out more about the tips:

DO NOT force the key out:

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that when your key gets stuck in the door lock DO NOT try to force the key out of the lock as it may break. And in the worst case, it may even damage the lock. It is advisable to remain calm and think smartly so, that it will not cost you heavy on your pocket. The best thing to do is call a professional locksmith who can extract your key from the door lock seamlessly. 

Heating the lock

The next useful tip is the thawing process. During winter or if the weather is cold, it’s possible that the lock may get frozen. So, in that case the best solution is to bring down your lock to room temperature by using heat. As a quick solution, you can use a hairdryer that will help you heat the lock and thus you can get your key out easily.

Apply Lubricant

Sometimes your key gets jammed in the lock no matter how much ever you try, you just can’t take out the key. This usually happens for two reasons- One is because of the sharp edges present in the key and the other one is because of the loose component in the lock. In situations like this, it’s always better to use a lubricant such as WD-40 or any other type of lubricant that is easily available. When you get the lubricant, all you have to do is spray it directly in the keyhole and gently wiggle it until you get it out.

Push and Pull

You can also take out your key from the lock in the door by aligning the tumblers inside the lock, by doing so; the key will easily come out. But this method is a little risky as it can break off the key. So, make sure when you push and pull the key you try it out gently.

Take help from a Professional Locksmith

This is one of the obvious and most important options you can choose when you feel helpless as well as if you want to save your time. An emergency locksmith will help you extract your key from the lock within minutes. They use the right tool and can take out the key as quickly as possible. In case your lock is damaged they can also repair it if needed. And if the key is damaged, they can also make a replacement key. 

Locksmith Monkey: Your one-stop solution for all your Lock and Key issues. 

Locksmith Monkey in Portland

Sometimes you encounter situations that you can’t ignore like the one we have discussed in this article. However, if you ever find your key stuck in the door lock, then give Locksmith Monkey a call. We are Portland’s local locksmith offering a wide range of locksmith services. Our trained locksmith professionals can help you take out your key from the door within minutes. We make sure that your security is not compromised and repair your lock and key with 100% accuracy. So, please feel free to contact us anytime. We are always there to help you.

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