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Upgrade Your Business Security with Keyless Entry Systems

Upgrade Your Business Security with Keyless Entry Systems

Upgrade Your Business Security with Keyless Entry Systems

Access Control System for Business or Buildings with Keyless Entry

Every workplace has always prioritized security, whether it’s giving employees keys, or hiring a guard. Businesses are moving beyond traditional lock-and-key methods with the latest advances in access control technology.

As part of modern commercial building security, most offices now feature electronic door locks, which enable keyless entry. Small and large businesses can benefit from keyless entry systems.

A keyless system improves security, increases ROI, and enhances the employee and visitor experience.

Businesses can boost their security by implementing keyless entry to prevent unauthorized access to their properties. In addition to protecting businesses from theft, secure entry systems can also monitor and control staff access.

Keyless entry systems offer many security benefits for Portland businesses. Some business owners prefer the simplicity, affordability, and comfort of traditional lock-and-key security, but the convenience and precision of keyless entry are impressive. Instead of heavy key rings, business owners can use Bluetooth devices or key cards instead.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from keyless entry’s combination of security and convenience. The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of how keyless entry systems work

Market options include:

Key Fobs

Access to certain restricted areas can be granted and restricted with key fobs. With the key fob held up to an authorized reader, electromagnetic waves transmit data that unlocks the door. Based on the business’s needs, a locksmith can program the main server to allow or reject key fobs.

Proximity key cards

A proximity card can also serve as an ID badge for many organizations. It is relatively easy and inexpensive to use these credit card-sized credentials. Keyless credentials aren’t always the most secure, since they were one of the first types created. Using encrypted smart cards for commercial buildings is the most reliable way to ensure security.

Keypad locks

Keypads are another type of keyless entry offered by Portland locksmiths. By using a numbered pad instead of an unlocking device, users can gain access quickly. Visitors can be assigned codes for limited access and then they can be removed from the system. Employees can be given revised codes without having to exchange physical keys in the event of a security breach.

Mobile access control

Here, a smartphone is your key to keyless entry. The adoption of cellular access control for businesses is rapidly increasing, because it is convenient and secure. Smartphones are less likely to be forgotten or lost than key cards, and they cost businesses less at first. Additionally, app-based keyless door entry systems can be customized to meet particular security demands.

Bluetooth Lock

Lastly, Bluetooth locks are the newest keyless entry system for commercial security. Using a Bluetooth connection, this lock opens through a deadbolt mechanism. Having their smartphones on their person at all times makes opening doors a convenient option for business owners. Various devices can also be recognized so that users need not enter a code, saving time and effort.

Your local Portland locksmith, Locksmith Monkey, can help you choose and install the most suitable keyless entry door system for your business needs. This is whether you want to use key fobs, keypads, Bluetooth locks, or any other keyless entry system. Get in touch with us by calling (503) 465-4595.

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