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Transponder Keys

Modern car keys come with a microchip inside, and they’re called transponder keys. First of all, transponder key technology has boomed in recent years and now dominates the market. In spite of this, many older vehicles still use traditional keys that can be copied and abused. Unlike older cars, modern cars require a transponder to start. As a result, the microchip installed in the key sends a signal to the car’s ICU to start the car which makes it difficult for the intruders to steal the car. Consequently, with all this security and added advantage, sometimes your transponder key may stop working due to various reasons. Therefore, you need a professional auto locksmith who is an expert in programming and replacing transponder keys. We at Locksmith Monkey in Portland deal with Transponder Keys for all car brands. 

Need to replace your broken Transponder Key in Portland? 

Do you have a damaged or non-functioning transponder key? Well, in that case, all you need is a transponder Key Replacement from a professional auto locksmith. We at Locksmith Monkey can identify the problem and fix it. We can replace your transponder key within minutes at the most affordable rates. If you are in an emergency and looking for an immediate replacement for your transponder Key, we can help you! 

Are you looking for Transponder Key Programmer in Portland?

Locksmith Monkey has a team of auto locksmith specialists who can program your transponder key right on spot within 30-40 minutes. We have highly skilled and specially trained auto locksmiths who can make transponder keys for any brand of vehicle. We use specialized programming tools and equipment to program or reprogram your car key without compromising the quality or functionality of the key. 

Transponder Key service for all car brands

We offer Transponder Key services for all the latest car brands. We are experts in programming and replacing the transponder key of your car. Here is a list of car models we provide transponder key services for:

Locksmith Monkey – Your Transponder Key Expert in Portland.

Locksmith Money in PDX offers a 360-degree security solution for all kinds of lock and key needs for various car brands. With our dedication and tireless effort, we have replaced and programmed hundreds of transponder car keys for all our valuable customers. Our reliable services have made it possible to build trust and relationships with all our customers. As a result, if you have any issues with your car transponder key, don’t go to a dealership instead come to us we make sure to fix your key with 100% accuracy and get you back into your car in no time. 

Has your car key fob lost its programming?

We can help! Our locksmiths will reprogram your fob or program a new one in 30 minutes or less at  any location!

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