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Top 5 situations when you need to hire a locksmith [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top 5 situations when you need to hire a locksmith [INFOGRAPHIC]

There comes a time where you face some problem with your lock and key, or you plan to upgrade the security of your home, office or car to protect from the risk of burglars. However, most people overlook the importance of security and on the other hand, there are a few people who don’t know whom to contact if they face some unpredictable situations. The best option you can consider during an emergency is hire a locksmith.

Here is a list of the top 5 situations you should consider taking help from a professional locksmith:

1. After a break-in:

Even with the best home security setups, break-ins can happen anytime, anywhere. It causes huge damage and it’s a quite traumatizing experience for anyone to deal with. It’s important to upgrade your security and make it burglar-proof. You need to be extra vigilant in order to avoid the risk of future break-ins. If you are a victim of a break-in, the first thing you do is get immediate help from a professional locksmith. They can help you repair all the damaged locks and keys and if necessary, install a new one based on the severity of the damage. 

2. Moving into a new house: 

One of the obvious reasons to call a locksmith is when you have recently moved to a new house, then it’s necessary to change your house locks or rekey them. Most people overlook changing locks after moving in. There are chances that your house keys can be floating around so, with new locks and rekeying you can make your home security more robust and ensure anyone with the old keys can’t get back in. 

3. Locked out of your car:

We understand how frustrating it is to get locked out of your car. You will not be able to access it anymore without unlocking it. 

In these situations, the best option is to take immediate help from a Portland locksmith who can help you get back on track in no time. Most Portland locksmith services offer mobile services hence they are always on wheels to help you. They can provide you with fast and reliable car lockout services at your location. 

4. Broken keys:

Your car or house keys can break for various reasons. One of the obvious reasons being the key getting stuck in the lock or due to damage. When the key gets stuck, it’s better not to try removing it by yourself as it can cause instant damage to the lock, affecting the locking mechanism. So, when you are in a troublesome situation, only a locksmith in Portland can help you solve your broken key problem. 

5. Lost keys:

Do you often lose or misplace your keys? The first thing you do is start searching it and when you can’t find the keys you think about getting an immediate solution. And that’s when you call a local locksmith in Portland who can immediately solve your lost key problem by replacing it with a new one. Save yourself before you get into a troublesome situation, by having a pair of extra keys. 

Locksmith Monkey: Your one-stop solution for all your locksmith needs in PDX.

You can face different situations, where you need to hire a professional locksmith to upgrade the security of your property or vehicle. And when it comes to finding a locksmith in PDX, you can find a lot of professionals who offer locksmith services. But only a few offer the best and reliable services at the most affordable rates. If you are looking for an affordable locksmith in PDX, then Locksmith Monkey is the right choice. 

We offer a wide range of locksmith services in Portland, and it includes:

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  7. Locksmith Services

We provide mobile locksmith services and all our services are provided by a team of highly skilled, licensed, and trained locksmiths who can reach your location and solve your lock and key issue seamlessly right on the spot within minutes. To hire a locksmith from Locksmith Monkey, contact our experts today. 

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