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Top 4 Benefits of having Smart Locks this New Year, 2022

Top 4 Benefits of having Smart Locks this New Year, 2022

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During New Year’s Eve, people from all over the world gather to make merry and celebrate in a grand manner. It indeed is one of the most important celebrations because it marks the beginning of a new year. The party does not end until the early morning hours as people dance with their loved ones and friends. During this time, it can be quite challenging to keep an eye on security. So, as a homeowner, you have a responsibility to ensure that your home is safe. You should also ensure that it is well-maintained. There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing that you can celebrate new year and not worry about who has access to your house and your belongings inside. If you’re wondering how to keep your home safe while you’re away, then consider investing in smart locks.

Every year at this time, we all tend to make some new year’s resolution. So, why don’t we learn something new that’s trending and is in demand, “Smart Locks”! It does the same job that a traditional lock does, just more safely and conveniently. 

There are numerous benefits to replacing the traditional lock and key with the smart lock.

The best part is, we don’t have to worry about losing the key or being stolen, and we can change the password anytime we want to.

1. Control Your Security

With this technology, house safety is 100% under your control, regardless of your location, even if it is a different country or continent. If you gave the code to a friend to look after your house plants while you’re away or if an employee quit the job who had the code to get in, even if your son had a house party, all you have to do is change the code, and you’re safe and sound. 

2. Gives mental peace

You will find more benefits to this system if you use any third-party applications. For instance, The Schlage Encode Smart Lock works with different applications, including Amazon’s Cloud Cam, key by Amazon and Ring security products, and Schlage Home application. These systems allow you to monitor and control from anywhere using your smartphones. So, if you are not sure whether you locked your house, all it takes is to check your phone. 

3. Additional Perks 

We have heard about first impressions our whole life. Smart locks are a perfect example. When you have guests coming over for the first time, Smart locks gives them an idea about how advanced you’re with house safety and technology. On top, they are stylish and sleek. The Yale Assure SL Smart lock has an onyx face and a small footprint and comes in brushed silver, polished brass, or oil-rubbed bronze. The numbers on the keypad are only visible when in use. When the device is linked to the Apple home kit or the Network module, you can tell Siri to do most of your work, including Auto Relock, so you never have to be worried. The Yale Assure SL includes two keys used as a backup, a rare find. 

4. Convenient Security Features

Some systems have extra services, such as generating alerts every time the door is locked and unlocked, creating the logs with information about time, who entered and exited. It is crucial information during the event of theft or a robbery. 

You can also activate the voice command service, so you can instruct your smartphone every time you want to lock or unlock it. The system also comes with the feature of geofencing, which allows you to set up the desired perimeter in your mobile application. Once you are in that perimeter, it will unlock the door for you, and it automatically locks it when you are out of that perimeter. 

Smart Locks are as safe, as strong as your password is. It should be something that no one guesses. 

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As you countdown to the New Year, it is recommended for you to upgrade to the smart security system. Even though smart locks cost a little more than traditional ones, they are convenient, easy to use, and secured soundly. You can install them manually, but the process could be longer for those not much invested in technology. A professional can help with installations and make sure they work to their highest capability. If you’re interested in getting a demonstration, Locksmith Monkey can help. We are a trusted Portland Locksmith that has been securing homes and businesses for over 10 years. Call us today, and we will be happy to assist you. 

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