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The Importance of Exit Devices for Your Business

The Importance of Exit Devices for Your Business

The Importance of Exit Devices for Your Business

Did you ever consider whether your business has the appropriate type of exit device? Having the right exit device is not only critical for the safety of your workers and customers, but also a way to minimize liability. Consequently, it is important to ensure that your business is equipped with the right exit device to protect your staff and customers, as well as reduce your potential legal responsibility.

The Importance of Exit Devices for Your Business in Portland OR


Listed below are some key facts about exit devices and why they are so significant to your business.



There are several types of exit devices available, including panic bars, push bars, crash bars, and touch bars. Consequently, a crossbar, a touch bar, and an integral/integrated bar are three common exit devices. Essentially, they all work in the same manner; you press them, and the door will unlatch and swing open.

Depending on the type of door and the level of security you require, these push bars can be used in several ways, but they all operate on similar principles. There is no doubt that you have seen these push bars before, particularly in lobbies, theaters, and other large spaces. Generally, side doors and exit doors have these locks, and there is a valid reason for this. Push bars are not only an effective security measure, but they are also very convenient for those who are in a hurry to exit a building.



Exit devices provide a safe and easy way to open a door in an emergency situation. Having a push bar allows people to exit the building quickly and safely, without having to fumble with a key. This is especially important in the case of a fire or other emergency, as it allows people to quickly and safely evacuate the building.

Providing exit devices for panicking individuals helps to ensure their safety. It is common for people inside the building to rush to the exits in the event of a panic (for example, in the event of a fire that appears to have begun). Unfortunately, panicked individuals are often incapable of operating even simple door handles, especially when they find themselves surrounded by dozens of other frightened individuals.

As a result of inefficient exit devices during emergency situations, many fatalities have taken place in the past. Consequently, companies began installing exit devices such as push bars, which allow doors to open automatically when a large crowd is present behind them. As this process is simplified, it becomes much safer for users to exit. This transition to push bars has undoubtedly saved many lives, allowing individuals to quickly and safely escape in the case of an emergency.

Furthermore, exit devices not only meet insurance requirements, but may also reduce insurance costs for certain buildings, making them a cost-effective solution. In addition, push bar doors are particularly valuable, as they can be easily and quickly opened with both hands, in the event of a rush to exit scenario.


Additional exit devices may also contribute to an increase in user safety and the perception of safety. When people don’t know where to look, exit alarms and security indicators can help them find the exit door quickly. Alternatively, you can install safety catch that delay egress so that the door does not open too rapidly at the wrong time, preventing burglars from entering.

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