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The benefits of a Master Key System for your Business

The benefits of a Master Key System for your Business

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If you have a business in Portland that has been expanding over the years, you probably have a lot of office cabins and other facilities in place. To secure that you will have a key for each cabin door, storage room, padlocks, deadbolts and more. So, you will end up having so many keys which makes it difficult for you to keep a track of your keys. With Master Key System, you can bypass the need for so many keys and simplifies your security access with just one key. Isn’t it a great solution to replace your bunch of keys? If you are planning to switch to a master key system for your business, this article is just for you! We have compiled a list of the top benefits straight from our commercial locksmith experts. 

What is a Master Key System?

Master Key System is a blueprint for building security. They are the passkeys that open several different locks or a number of predefined doors. They can unlock all the locks in a building. This reduces the number of keys and limits the circulation of keys among staff members. It provides quick access to all rooms within the property for security staff and management personnel. This is a great convenience and can save lives in case of emergencies.

Mentioned below are the four levels of a master key system:

  • Great grandmaster key
  • Grandmaster key
  • Master key
  • Change key

How does a Master Key System work?

Before understanding how a master key works, let’s get into some basics about the standard cylindrical lock mechanism. 

A standard cylindrical lock will have two sets of pins – key pin and drivers pin. The key pin is located on the lower part of the lock and the drivers pin is located above the key pins. These pins raise when you push against them. So, when you insert the right key, these two pins align and opens the lock. When it comes to master key system, along with these two pins there is an additional pin called a master pin. If you have a standard lock system, it can be transformed into a master key system. 

Benefits of Master Key Systems:

A master key system offers various benefits for your business. It’s not only an affordable option but also an effective solution to upgrade your business security. With better security, you can always be at peace of mind ensuring that your business is safe and secure. 

Here is a list of benefits to consider: 


This key system offers convenience for every business owner, as it eliminates tracking and maintaining a bunch of keys. You can open the door of your office or any facility with just one key. 


You can design your system to give employees access to only the areas they need, enhancing the security of your business.


Saves a lot of time because your employees can access the areas they need, your security system won’t hamper their productivity.


Multiple keys looking alike, which is simple to organize and can provide increased flexibility in designing the workflow at your workplace.


When combined with a high-security lock, this system ensures no one will duplicate your key without your express permission. You can set access permissions for employees and keyholders. The control of who will possess which kind of key, whether to be given complete or partial access is achieved by company hierarchy with respect to the roles of employees and staff members.

Ease of use: 

You get to use your master key on any master key locks that are on your building/home/office for quick and easy convenience. It provides access to properties, buildings, or areas to key holders. This system benefits both groups or individual key holders to gain access to all or certain areas of buildings.

Switch to Master Key System to secure your Business with Locksmith Monkey, PDX

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As discussed, this key system offers various benefits. It helps to improve the security of your business by limiting access and making it easy and more convenient without having to hassle with a bunch of keys every time. Switching to a master key system is a great way to secure your business and only a professional locksmith can help you. At Locksmith Monkey in PDX, we can help you upgrade your security for your business with a master key system. Our locksmith experts can design the right master key system to provide better security and convenience. We have years of experience in commercial lock installation, repairing of different security systems. If you are planning to transform your security, please feel free to contact Locksmith Monkey today!

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