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The Benefits of a Key Fob Programmer

The Benefits of a Key Fob Programmer

Benefits of a key fob programmer

In today’s world, almost everyone owns a car. And when you own a car you will try to keep it safe from theft and damages. We at Locksmith Monkey have seen such a rise in keyless remotes among PDX residents. Portlander’s love the ease of use to a point where they are almost a necessity. These keyless remotes are called Key Fobs and when the key fobs get damaged, they must be repaired, reprogrammed and in a hurry. It was with this in mind that we decided to go the extra mile and equip each of our automotive locksmith’s Key Fob Programmer.

What are Key fobs?

Key fobs are remote devices which are used to control the car locks from hundreds of feet away. They are wirelessly programmed to your car and it can be reprogrammed if it stops working or in case you lose them. Reprogramming of key fobs takes a few seconds and will be ready to use immediately.

What is a Key Fob Programmer?

A key fob programmer is a device that is used to reprogram the transponder by coding in a mechanical key or a key fob. Nowadays modern cars are equipped with specially coded transponders in their keys. So, it will not work if it doesn’t receive proper signal. 

In a few scenarios, a new key can be programmed without requiring any special device. A key fob programmer is a single unit, can be integrated into different complex components for reprogramming purpose. 

Benefits of Key Fob Programming 

Losing car keys or getting locked out of your car will put you into a panic situation and sometimes it costs heavy on your pocket. But, with key fobs, you can now reduce the risk of losing your car keys. With key fob programming, it is possible to fix your key within seconds. And with a single push of the button, you can open your car. 

Here are a few useful benefits you need to know about the key fob programming:

1. Enhanced Car Security

Keyless car remotes are an excellent idea to use if you get stuck in an unsecured place or a dark place. In these situations, you try to get into your car as soon as possible. And key fob programming is the ideal solution for you. With the key fobs, you can quickly get into your car without any problem and lock it from the inside. 

2. Easy to Use

Key fobs are battery-operated devices makes it easy for a keyless entry with just a push of a button. This device makes your life easy if your hands are occupied, by just pressing the button you can enter your car safely. You need not panic when you can’t find your car in the parking lot, the key fob will make it easy for you to find your vehicle. One of the important reasons people hire the professional locksmith in Portland for installing the key fob is that they make it easy to locate the vehicle to which they are installed. 

3. You can unlock all of the doors at the same time.

This is one of the major benefits of a key fob when you have a group of people getting into the car at the same time. You can unlock the doors, at the same time and enter the car at the same time. You will never have to make your friends or family wait outside of your car for you to unlock it from inside. If your key fob stops working for some technical issues or any damage, that’s when you require key fob programming.

4. Protects from Theft

A key fob device can protect your vehicle from theft. The reason why key fobs secure your car is that the ignition of your car does not get immobilized until the correct code is transmitted to it. As a result, it becomes very difficult and impossible for thieves to scan the code and unlock your car. When someone tries to break into the car, the key fob triggers the alarm if installed in the car. This is one of the most important reasons to call a professional locksmith in PDX for key fob programming.

5. It allows you to open the trunk.

With the help of key fobs, you can unlock your truck remotely. The trunk can open completely with a push of the button on the fob. Key fobs are great if you are trying to unlock your trunk without stopping to use the key in the lock.

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The remote keyless entry is a very common feature embraced by the automobile industry, especially cars. If you are a car owner, you have to make sure that key fob programming is done in the right way therefore, you need to hire a professional locksmith in PDX for your help when stuck in an emergency.

You can get in touch with Locksmith Monkey and hire us for your help. We will make sure to provide you with the best auto locksmith services. For more information, call us at (503) 465-4595. We are just one call away! 

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