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Pros and Cons of Combination locks: Locksmith Monkey

Pros and Cons of Combination locks: Locksmith Monkey

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Combination locks are a type of lock that you can open by rotating dials with numbers on them to the correct combination. You can use these locks in luggage, briefcases, and other bags to secure valuables. These types of locks are usually relatively easy to open if you know the right method or have tools to help you, so it’s important to make sure you keep your combination secret. It allows you to set your own personal secret combination so that only you can open the lock. These locks are usually made with different length combinations to prevent guessing. 

They are available in various types and their usage is different. And you can use these locks to secure many things, including briefcases, lockers, safes and even some cars. But before choosing the right combination locks it’s important to know and understand their pros and cons. So that you can make a better choice based on your requirements. hence, we have compiled a list of pros and cons of combination locks that you can consider:


They are ultra-secure:

Combination locks are essentially the modern version of an old school lock and key. The main difference is that a combination lock doesn’t have a key, just a set of numbers that you need to enter in order to open it. This is what makes them so secure – there’s no way you can break into one without knowing the code! They’re also really handy if you regularly misplace your keys, as they allow you to keep all your valuables locked away but safe.

They are functional:

Combination locks are a key component in the security of many facilities. A combination lock consists of a series of discs, each with a notch and number. The user spins the dials to align the notches and numbers sequentially and then opens it with a lever or knob. You can open them, if you know the combination. However, most designs use an over-centre mechanism that prevents them from opening when not aligned properly.

Easy to use:

Combination locks are a vast improvement over other locking device. They offer a higher degree of security and safety, as well as being quite simple to use. Combination locks work by using an algorithm to determine the combination of numbers that will open them. The combination lock is then set with those numbers at the factory or location where it is used. That means that there is no need for the users to remember any special codes or passwords, as they can simply look up their own combinations.


Difficult to keep track of the combinations

Combination locks are the most difficult to keep track of the combinations. They usually have 3-4 wheels that each can be set to any number between 1-0. Because of this, there are over 10,000 different possible combinations for a typical 4-wheel combination lock. Even if you set your combinations, it is easy to forget which numbers you used when entering them. It is important to remember certain ways of thinking about combination locks, so you don’t make these mistakes.

Not Pre-generated

Combination locks are not pre-generated; they are chosen by an adversary to generate at runtime. This is true for both physical combination locks and software crypto-combination locks. The terms “hardening” or “increasing the entropy” of a passphrase refer to increasing the number of possible combinations of characters, but this does not increase the number of possible values for the lock itself.

Single Key Reset

Combination locks are a type of locking device. In common usage, the term usually refers to a padlock or a bicycle lock. You can open this by rotating corresponding numbers on the dials to match a combination set at the factory. The same principle is also used in simple mechanical combination locks, that you can find in many workplaces and schools. A combination lock needs only one key, but it has hundreds of possible combinations that can open it. 


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With the many benefits that combination locks have to offer, it’s easy to see why they are one of the most popular lock types on the market. If you are looking for a new lock or want to upgrade your current system, be sure to have read this article so you can choose a lock that is perfect for you!

Combination locks are a great way to keep your belongings safe from theft. If you have any more questions regarding lock and key, installations, and repairs for residential or commercial applications, feel free to contact Locksmith Monkey in Portland today. We are one of the most reliable Portland locksmiths serving all our customers for over ten years. We are always there to help you. 

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