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Office File Cabinet Locks: Commercial Locksmith Services

Office File Cabinet Locks: Commercial Locksmith Services

Office File Cabinet Locks: Commercial Locksmith Services

Filing cabinets are used for many different purposes. For one, they hold private records of yourself and clients, they contain folders of important information, used as storage for items, and more. Because they hold all these important things, you do not want to risk having them getting broken into, or dealing with lost keys. Our office locksmith specialists can service your filing cabinets to ensure safety and security of your belongings.

Lost My Filing Cabinet Key:

Because filing cabinets are often tucked and stored away in storages or in the back of your commercial property/office, it can be easy to misplace the keys, or have them stop working over time. This is not a problem. Our Locksmith Monkey team can make you a filing cabinet key replacement. We will even go out of the way to make you a spare copy, so that you will not be faced with an issue of misplacing keys again.

Some Popular and Reliable Replacement Lock Brands:


  • HON
  • WorkPro
  • American Lock
  • Major
  • Etc.

Specific types:

There are two main types of locks for your cabinet, one being a keyless lock and the other being a pin lock (key based).

Going keyless will ensure the most security for your filing cabinets, and will not cause any situations of keys going missing. Keyless locks have an electronic unlock and lock access to your files. There are several different types that our team can assist you with and install for you. There is a unique code that will be required when unlocking, so you know only those who have access can open it.

The most commonly used locks are the key based ones. Most of these require a simple key to open and close, which if you have an extra spare for you will have no problem with it.

Installing Secure Locks

Think of your office filing cabinet as a type of safe box for papers and folders. How sturdy and secure are the locks to your cabinet? What would you do if one day a burglary happened in your office and your documents and confidential information got broken into, perhaps even stolen? Most business owners would say that they would have a hard time dealing with the aftermath of this issue, which is why it is very important to always make sure your locks as are secure as possible. Our team will assist you with a reliable lock for your cabinet so that no one can break into it, and you would be the only one able to with full access control.

To maximize security, we advise you to keep your office file cabinets hidden or tucked away somewhere where people cannot see in plain sight. This will keep it more private and from being out in the open. Our specialists can even place a key scan in the room of which your file cabinet is placed in, and we can make sure no one will be able to enter without a key card or typing in a specific code.

Why To Go With Top Brands

Our team will always provide you with top quality brands. Having great and reliable brands that protect your most important assets are very important. You do not want someone who is unauthorized to snoop around and find personal information about yourself, your family, and the business that you run. If you want to go keyless for your office file cabinet, or need help accessing your items when you misplace your key, our  office locksmith specialists are here to help you. Simply give us a call anytime and one of our specialists will arrive to your commercial property shortly to take care of this issue! We will have your file cabinet working in no time.

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