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The New Ford MyKey Feature: Advantages & Disadvantages

The New Ford MyKey Feature: Advantages & Disadvantages

The New Ford MyKey Feature: Advantages & Disadvantages

With Ford vehicles being in high demand for many years, they will always remain a very popular car to drivers. Because the Ford brand is always adapting and finding innovative ways to upgrade their features, many people continue to be reliable users of this make. Our automotive locksmiths Portland have serviced many clients with Ford vehicles and still continue to do so every day. There is a new type of keyless option when using these new vehicles (depending on your model and year) which is called a “MyKey”. Our mobile locksmith professionals will now cover the advantages and disadvantages of the new MyKey feature and how our team can help with service calls for this feature.

Advantages Of MyKey

The first main advantage of gaining a MyKey is that it is extremely convenient. Instead of fishing for your keys for a few minutes every time you go into your vehicle, it has automatic sensors so that your car can lock and unlock when you are just a few feet away. If you are in a rush, this is perfect for allowing you to quickly gain access of your car or lock it while running late to work.

Aside from the automatic lock and unlock feature, they have some primary features that people really enjoy about it. The first would be for climate control. Let’s say that it is a very hot summer day, and about 100 degrees outside. If you are about to walk into your car that has been parked in the sun for several hours, there is a feature button to turn on the air condition in your car before you step in. Allowing your car to have already cooled is a great feeling before you sit inside of it.

Next, it lets you know when your vehicle has low fuel. Without the MyKey, your car will let you know of this only when it happens and alerts you, but this can tell you beforehand, to prepare you if you are about to drive to far distances. This is good for young and new teenage drivers, so that they will be more alert about their fuel tanks. We can often find young teens ignoring this signal and then ending up running out of gas on the side of the road unexpectedly.

There is also a seatbelt reminder feature. This will physically turn down or mute the volume on your vehicle’s music until all of the passengers including yourself have their seatbelts fully fastened. This is a great safety feature that can get more people to remember to put their belts on, and not ignore it.

Disadvantages Of MyKey

Although there are many advantages of the MyKey Ford feature, there are some disadvantages to it that we have experienced through our clients.

There are several major issues with the MyKey and the admin key. Often times, you will only receive one key which may be the admin key for your vehicle. It is very easy to accidentally switch your admin or master key to the MyKey, which is what many of our clients have done. This now puts your key on a setting that limits you from doing the things that you regularly do in your own car.

For example- drivers who accidentally switch their key cannot turn their music volume on past a certain number, and cannot drive faster than let’s say 75 miles per hour because of the setting that it is on now. There are other settings that the MyKey will be on If this happens to you, the dealer can tell you that the only way to fix this issue is to purchase a brand new key. This can be very frustrating to Ford vehicle owners, as they would need to spend more money to fix the problem. The only way to fix this problem at an affordable cost is by re-programming the keys by Locksmith Monkey on site. Re-programming this will set it back to it’s original copy without having the MyKey features in place.
A cool thing that Locksmith Monkey can do for you with the MyKey feature is We can set you up with 3 different keys, and set it to specific functions for you. We can add different speed limits for each key, so that when you are speeding you will have a stop limit to how fast you go. This is excellent for young teen drivers who are just beginning and starting out on the road, as you can set your child’s driving limit to reach a maximum of 50, 65, 70, etc. This way, you do not have problems accidentally switching your admin or master key to the MyKey features, and you can have three different keys to work with.

To hear more about how we can fix your MyKey issues, give our specialists a call today. We can come service your vehicle’s needs 24 hours a day!


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