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Mailbox Lost Key- Residential Properties

Mailbox Lost Key- Residential Properties

Having a Lost Key to your home’s mailbox can be very frustrating. Your mailbox is the place where you receive important letters, bills, cards, checks, etc. Losing a key to this can put a stop on checking your mail, and even delaying your due payments such as your credit card payments, car payments, water and power, etc. This will not be an issue if you call Locksmith Monkey, your reliable residential locksmiths for help.

The first thing you will need to do is not panic. We suggest that you determine if you have a spare mailbox key, although many homeowners tend to keep just one laying around. If you do have a spare, then you can open up your mailbox with it, and our team members will easily make you more mailbox key copies so that this problem will not happen again in the future. Once you determine that you do not have an extra key to get into the box, call Locksmith Monkey immediately for assistance with this issue.

Aside from losing your keys, if you do have your box keys, you might have a situation where they do not want to open up your mailbox. This can be due to several reasons. 1. Your mailbox lock can be old and rusted  2. Weather conditions can affect the locks such as rain, snow and ice, etc. or 3. Your key is bent from jamming it into the lock too many times. For the issue of your key not working efficiently, our team can make you extra copies and create for you a new lock that will have it working great.

How We Resolve Mailbox Lost Key Issues

Because there are a lot of crimes committed in today’s society, we want to ensure that everything important to us is safe and secure at all times. Having a great and reliable mailbox lock and key is something that should be on the top of your to-do list in regarding taking care of your home. Because accessing mailboxes are easier and more simpler than breaking into a home, many thieves do this, unfortunately. They do this to take personal and valuable information from you, such as private information, social security numbers, bank routing numbers, and more. They also steal mail to see if there is any cash, checks, credit cards, or gift cards laying around that they can use.

Calling our team of specialists for this issue is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get access to your mailbox, and ensure that these issues will not happen to you. Once you call our 24 hour team for assistance with your residential property, we will come out and open up your mailbox for you with our special keys. Taking out all of your mail is the first thing you will need to do. What we will then do is drill your old lock out of your mailbox, just incase someone ends up finding your keys. We only provide our clients with the most secure brands of locks

mailbox lockReliable Mailbox Lock Brands

  • CCL
  • Prime Line
  • Hudson
  • Salsbury
  • Compx National
  • Ez-flo
  • & more

Once we put in a brand new lock for your mailbox, we will provide you with new sets of keys that will go with it. The best part about our team of specialists is that we can make you as many copies as you request, and it is always good to have a few spares in case of an emergency.

If you have a regular standard mailbox with no lock and key required, this is the easiest way for someone to steal your mailbox, or put things in your mailbox without permission. Our team highly suggests switching to a safer mailbox that can only be opened with a secure key, and mail is inserted through a thin slip. Our team can then assist you with your new lock and keys.

You also want to check with you local Post Office

Call our residential locksmiths at Locksmith Monkey if you are experiencing lost keys to your mailbox, and need immediate service! We can arrive to your property in no time to help you uncover all of your important mail.



How We Resolve Mailbox Lost Key Issues
How We Resolve Mailbox Lost Key Issues

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I was very impressed with the efficiency and ease of getting two new keys made for my car.(I had called another place in town and they never even returned my call!) I spoke with a gentleman last evening, made appointment and Ilan was at my house this morning. He was polite, knowledgeable and has a good sence of humor! He even took a few moments and chatted with myself and elderly mother when he was done. Highly recommend this company, would not hesitate to use them again!!
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