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Luggage Locks – A complete guide to Luggage Security

Luggage Locks – A complete guide to Luggage Security

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We all want to have a stress-free vacation and have a good time. Have you ever come across a thought about your luggage security while traveling through the airport or sitting in the hotel room while you are exploring a new city? It is a great idea to go the extra mile and secure your luggage. In the end, we all love our mental peace. But wondering how to secure your luggage while traveling? The answer is simple, to get the right lock system for your luggage or take help from a local locksmith in Portland. However, we have compiled all the information that will help you buy the right luggage locks.

Why You Should use a Luggage Lock

When you put a luggage lock on your suitcase or any travel bag, baggage handlers or security officers can’t rummage through a suitcase at the airport. Using a luggage lock gives us a sense of security and freedom even when we aren’t around our luggage and peace of mind. But we should never keep any valuables and expensive items in the luggage suitcase. 

Types of Luggage Locks

The dilemma is to select the luggage lock from a wide range of variety that is suitable to prevent theft. Here is the list of luggage locks. 

Luggage Key Lock Padlock

Luggage padlocks are easy to find and use, and they have multiple uses. They are cheap, and you can use them to secure your luggage or at your place on the door, available at all the hardware shops. The downfall with luggage padlocks is that they are easy to break-in, and losing the key is possible. Criminals usually look for padlocks as they find them easy to break in. 

Combination Luggage Lock

Combination locks are keyless, so losing the key is not an option. A combination of 3+ dials is required to set up the pin to unlock the luggage. They are convenient as you don’t have to maintain the key. Combination locks have no weakness to them except if you forget your password. 

Cable Luggage Lock

Cable locks are similar to combination locks, but instead of the stiff shackle, it has a flexible, extendable cable, so it passes through multiple zipper points on the luggage. They work better for suitcases or backpacks with various compartments as you need a cable lock to cover them all. Extenders can help you secure the bags to solid objects. 

Key Card Luggage Lock

A key card is all you need to unlock these locks without any combination or a key. Key card locks are perfect for those who find it hard to secure a key or remember the combination lock pin. You get a pair of cards, a credit card alike card, fits well in your wallet, and another one to go with your key chain with this lock. No locks are 100% secure, as you still can lose these cards. 

TSA Approved Luggage Locks 

TSA-approved locks are the best option for travelers heading to the United States. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents have the right to check through the luggage. They have the universal master key, which means if your luggage needs verification, your luggage lock won’t be damaged. If you have a non-TSA-approved lock entering the USA, chances are high of your lock getting damaged as the officers have the right to get access to your suitcase. These rules are your and other travelers’ safety. 

Luggage Locks Alternatives

A cable tie can replace a luggage lock and is economical and convenient to find. It will work just as well as a lock to prevent the luggage from spilling open. 

Luggage Straps 

Security luggage straps work fine to keep the luggage secured against poor handling at the airports. These straps are wrapped around the suitcase and closed with a clasp. You can adjust the length, and they are available in different colors. Some luggage straps have a combination lock that helps keep the burglars away, and they have a name tag spot to identify your bag quickly. 

Luggage Tracker

GPS tracker is a smart way to keep track of your suitcase. They are lightweight, small, and most companies claim that they are traceable from anywhere in the world. So if you lose your luggage while traveling, you can track it just with a click with your smartphone.


Cling film is a one-use plastic that is harmful to the environment. You can use cling film to wrap around the luggage, and it is one of the oldest ways to secure your luggage. 


Best locksmith services in Portland

Luggage locks are a great way to protect your belongings while traveling. With this guide, you can make an informed decision about which lock is right for you and keep your items safe. If you’re looking for a locksmith in Portland, Oregon, Locksmith Monkey has years of experience providing affordable and reliable services for all types of clients. To schedule an appointment with our team, call us today. 

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