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Key Extraction- Broken or Stuck Key In Lock

Key Extraction- Broken or Stuck Key In Lock

Your keys can do all sorts of frustrating things to you over time, and you just have to deal with some of those unfortunate situations that may come your way. If your lock is broken or stuck, you might need a key replacement if our locksmith SE Portland cannot do anything to save it. But, with our trained experience and skill, we can do everything in our power to help save your key. This blog post will explain to you what to do if this happens, and how our team can assist you.

Broken or Stuck Key In Lock

Key Extraction

What To Do When This Happens

You walk up to your home’s front door to unlock it after a very long and tiring day, excited to get inside your home and relax in bed or make a nice warm cooked meal. You take out your key to unlock your front door, and it jams. Or, you could be walking to your car after a hard day at work and find that your key gets broken or stuck inside the ignition of your vehicle. What is the first thing that people do when this happens to them? They keep trying to fight the key to unlock the door or car. This is the number one mistake that people make, which can make the situation much worse. The first thing to know is DO NOT continue to try and fight your key to go in or out of the lock if stuck. This will end up pushing it deeper inside of your lock, and make it difficult for you to get it out.
If your key is broken, and part of it is inside of your lock, do not insert the other half of your key to try and get it out. This will also force the key blade to go deeper into the lock, making it more difficult for you to fix the situation.

Here are some simple steps to take if you are dealing with the situation yourself:

  1. Try to apply some type of dry lubricant to the area where the lock and key are with a pair of gloves. You do not want to risk getting this oiled substance on your hands or staining them.
  2. Once lubricant is applied, see if you have any type of tweezing items at home that you may be able to pull the key out with. These items can include a tweezers, pliers, a bobby pin, etc. That can grasp and pull the key out slowly. Having the lube already applied will soften up the area and allow the item and key to slide in or out easily.
  3. This is the final step to try and pull out your key. It may not work if you already jammed your key blade too deep into the lock, and you may need to call our locksmith specialists for help.

Don’t panic if these steps have failed to get your key out of the lock. Simply give our locksmith professionals at Locksmith Monkey a call and someone will show up within the hour to service your situation immediately. You will be in great hands. You may think that you will need an entire lock replacement either for your front door or car, but our locksmiths should be able to get your key out, and provide you with a replacement set in no time.

Key Extractor Tools for Key Extraction

Once our specialists come out to service you, we will use our key extractor tools to fix this issue. This process is simple and easy for us, as we have many years of experience doing this. The extraction should not take more than fifteen to twenty minutes to remove your broken or stuck key from your lock or ignition. This all depends on the type of situation your key is in, and whether it is just stuck or the blade broke off and is deep into the lock. What we will need to do once removing your key is give you a spare in order for you to properly lock and unlock for the future. We can provide you with several copies, just incase this problem were to happen to you again in the future. This way, you will not have to experience losing a key and needing a replacement, when we can make you extras.

Car Door, Ignition, and Trunk Lock Extractions Key Extraction

When it comes to your vehicle, extracting a key from your locks is done with a slightly different approach. The process time may be the same as getting a commercial or residential property key out of the lock, roughly ranging between fifteen to twenty minutes. Locksmith Monkey can extract a key from any type of vehicle and model, so you do not need to worry if your car is too old or if it may not be covered. If your key is stuck in your car door, you may panic and think that you will need to replace the entire lock. That is false! Our team is so skilled that we can easily remove your broken or stuck key out of the lock without damaging any part of your door. This goes the same for trunks and ignition extractions. We soften and oil up your lock first by adding a special type of lubricant. Then comes our special extraction tool, which eventually hooks onto the key that is stuck or broken. Once we get a good grasp on it, the key is slowly removed from your lock. We will make you spare keys so that if you lose your key, this can be a key replacement for you.

Feel free to call our specialists at Locksmith Monkey anytime to schedule an in-house appointment with one of our reliable professionals!



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