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Key Advice to Follow to Make your Home Burglar-Proof

Key Advice to Follow to Make your Home Burglar-Proof

Key Advice to Follow to Make your Home Burglar-Proof


Burglary is a serious threat. All your hard-earned money and expensive items i.e. jewelry in your home can vanish in a matter of few minutes in the case of a burglary. This is a more common case when people leave their home vacant for a long period of time. E.g. when they are on a vacation or any other tour. Make your Home Burglar-Proof.

The best practice to follow, in order to minimize the risk of burglary and secure your belongings, is to make your home burglar-proof. Wondering how to do it? We have got your answers in this post. Read on to know some key advice that you can follow to limit the chances of burglary in your home.

Install a Latest Security System

A home without a security system is akin to giving an open invitation to burglars to break-in your home when you are away. Modern security system comes with CCTV cameras and a centralized control platform. They are integrated using mobile technology so you can keep a check on your home even when you are miles away. These CCTV cameras are installed at different important parts of the home. The recording of these cameras can be seen on mobile devices.

The security systems that are commonly used in today’s time work along with the alarm system installed in your home. Thus, even if you aren’t at home, your neighbors or the company that has installed such a system will be notified.

To put it simply, with the help of such a security system installed in your home, you can get to know about any intruder lurking around your home for the purpose of breaking in. Without such a system, the risk of burglary increase up to a great extent.

Change the Locks after a Particular Period of Time

Home lock - deadbolt unlock

Home lock – deadbolt unlock

Many people still have decades-old locks installed in their home. It is an understood fact that such locks can be broken easily. Hence, doors with old and worn-out locks make for a convenient entryway for the burglars. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to get them changed immediately if you want to reduce the risk of burglary. The best practice is to replace them with the modern ones as they are difficult to be broken in because of their sturdy build. Moreover, they come with enhanced security measures.

For the purpose of changing locks on your door, rely on a professional and trustworthy company that specializes in lock change services. Locksmith Money is a name to trust on for this purpose. We are a reputed name in Portland for high-quality locksmith services. We have a dedicated team that excels in providing most proficient lock change services that you wouldn’t find anywhere in Portland.

Immediately Repair Doors & Locks after a Break-in Incident

This one is for those homeowners who have recently gone through a break-in incident. They need to get their doors and locks repaired immediately after facing such an incident. If you aren’t doing so, you are giving an invitation to burglars to enter your home again and take away the remaining items. For break-in repair services, Locksmith Monkey is there to your rescue. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Thus, you can call us at any time of the day for break-in repair and other related services.

Our expert and professionally trained locksmiths will perform the break-in repair services in a proficient manner. They will also replace the locks with the new ones if needed and make your home burglar-proof.

Add a Deadbolt

Another practice that can help to enhance the security of your home is to add a deadbolt.Adding a deadbolt requires the use of a key or turning the knob; thus, makes it difficult for the burglars to break in.Due to its high-efficiency, it is considered as a secure and economical way for the protection of a home. You can find plenty of DIY methods on the internet for the purpose of adding a deadbolt by yourself to your door; however, for enhanced security, it is recommended to leave it on the professionals i.e. Locksmith Monkey. All you got to do is to call us and we will send our expert staff right at your place no matter what time of day it is.

Change Lock Passwords on Regular Basis

A key less entry with a number buttons and a lever handle

Modern locks require the use of passcodes, pin codes or password. Such locks are popular with homeowners as they offer enhanced security. However, it is advised to change them on a regular basis especially if you have shared them with someone i.e. domestic help.

Some Basic Tips

Apart from practices mentioned above, there are certain tips that you must follow in order to improve the security of your home and your valuable belongings.

  • While going out of your home, especially if you are going to another city, double check all the entry doors and ensure they are properly locked.
  • Keep valuable items such as jewelry in safe places where it is difficult for anyone to reach.
  • Apart from door locks, also pay attention to your windows and their locks as well. If window locks are broken, they can also become an easy pathway for burglars to enter your home.
  • Get automated exterior lights installed in your home. These lights turn on automatically during the night time.

Locksmith Monkey – Your One-Stop Shop for Premium Locksmith Services

If you are looking for ways to make your home burglar-proof, Locksmith Monkey has the solution for you. We are a licensed company that is known to provide individualized locksmith services for both residential and commercial clients across Portland. We serve 24/7; hence, whether you require emergency locksmith services or lock change services, break-in repair services or automotive locksmith services, we are just a call away. All the services we offer can be availed at the most affordable rates.

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