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How to unlock a door without a key? Locksmith Monkey

How to unlock a door without a key? Locksmith Monkey

Unlocking a house door Portland Oregon

We all have experienced the hassle of not being able to get inside our own home, office or car because we either forget the keys, lose them or misplace them. So, in those situations where you need to break in a locked door, you turn to a locksmith. However, while they are certainly skilled at their job and can be quite useful, they’re not always available. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through all kinds of trouble just because you’ve locked yourself out of your own home or office. There is an easier way to get back inside and here’s a list of some easy ways that can help you to unlock your door without a key:

1. Use a bobby pin

The bobby pin lock pick is one of the most common tricks used to unlock doors. It is known as a rake pick and can be used to open any door that employs tumbler mechanisms in the locking mechanism. This is one of the most basic and easiest to use.

The trick behind this useful hack is simple: you need to use a bobby pin. But it’s not that easy to do. The tricky part is finding the right one, which will make the process work smoothly. In order to pull off this life hack, you need to find a bobby pin that is thin and very flexible in nature (the more flexible, the better). 

2. Use a screwdriver

The way you use a screwdriver to open a door without using a key is quite easy. You need to find the most suitable one for your lock and insert it into the small gap between the door and its frame near the handle or knob. All you have to do is hold the screwdriver with your right hand and insert the tip of it into the gap between the bottom of the door and floor. Then, turn anticlockwise till you hear a click. Turn again clockwise until you hear another click. Finally, open the door.

3. Use a knife

You can use this trick to open your door without using the key.

You can open your door with a knife if you know how to do so. First, you need to open the lock. To do this, you need to use your knife and insert it in between the top of the keyhole and the top of the actual lock. Then you will need to gently push down on the blade to unlock it.

4. Lock picking

Lock picking, or lock opening, is the process of unlocking a lock by analysing and manipulating the components of the lock device without the original key. A wide variety of tools are available to carry out lock picking; their designs vary significantly from simple probes to highly specialized tools purpose-built for one specific make and model of lock.

5. Use a credit card

Sometimes you need to do something out of the ordinary to get the job done. A new lock picking technique is making the rounds. It doesn’t require any advanced skills or tools, just a credit card and one of those little tool kits you can get at Walmart. The technique itself is simple: insert the credit card into the door jamb and push it against the bottom of the strike plate with it. This will force the bolt back, allowing you to turn the doorknob or open the door as usual.

6. Use a Bump key

A bump key is a very simple tool that can be used to open most locks. The tool is inserted into a keyway and then one or more pins are bumped using an allen wrench or toothpick. That allows you to unlock doors without the use of a key. You can use this method during an emergency situation. 

7. Remove the hinges

You can unlock your door without a key by removing the hinges. Hinges are used to prevent doors from being opened; they are there to keep things where they belong. However, when you remove the hinges, there is nothing stopping you from opening up and creating ways for new ideas to flow in. To do that you just need a hammer, puller and hinge remover. These things are easily available in the market or even in your home. 

Unable to unlock your door? Call Locksmith Monkey in Portland

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If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your car or house, you know how frustrating it can be to try and get back inside. It is always a good idea to keep a spare key hidden outside in case of an emergency, but what if you lose that too? If the lock is stuck or broken so that you can’t even open the door, it might seem like there’s no solution. But the above mentioned are some clever solutions for getting back to your own home without destroying anything. 

However, if you need any assistance from a professional locksmith in PDX, Locksmith Monkey is the right choice to make. 

We are a local professional locksmith in Portland that can help you unlock your door in no time by solving all your lock and key issues. Contact us anytime for residential, commercial or automotive locksmith services. We will be more than happy to assist you with any of your locksmith needs.

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