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How to Unlock a Car Door without a Key

How to Unlock a Car Door without a Key

First, make sure all doors are locked. Check the trunk too. while inside, you can fold seats into the trunk to allow you access to your car. Try to find a spare key if your car is locked. Contact someone who might have access to it and could bring it to you quickly. In addition, check you coverage by Roadside Assistance. Call AAA or your insurer. If you call a locksmith, they may reimburse you.

Before calling a locksmith, explore your immediate options and see if you can do it yourself. In addition, consider the damage you might cause to your car as well as the cost of a locksmith you’ll save. 

Even so, if you find yourself locked out of your car and still choose to unlock it on your own, here are some options to try:

Make use of a string

Keeping some string around will prevent you from paying a locksmith.

Tie the string in a slip knot at the end with a loop the size of your index finger. Place the looped string in the upper right corner of the car window. Now, move the string back and forth gently. By doing so, the string will shift down the window toward the inside latch.

To unlock the car door, gently pull up on the lock when you feel you have a good grip.

Use a coat hanger

Using pliers and a coat hanger is all you need.

Use the pliers to unravel the coat hanger so that one side is hooked and the other is straight. It’s time to now slide the coat hanger between the window and the weather seal. Next find the control arm and with the inserted coat hanger reach towards the control arm to unlock your car door.


You can use a thin, strong tool as a wedge. With a pry tool, pry the top of the door frame out and push the wedge in to hold it out. Use a long, skinny rod (a coat hanger will do) to unlock the door.

Take care not to scratch the paint or tear the weather stripping around your door. Using this option can potentially cause damage, so minimize it.

Slim jims

In the days of the slim jim, you could easily unlock most cars by sliding a long piece of metal into the side of the door while pulling it up to engage the manual button. This method became increasingly difficult and less effective as car locking mechanisms became more sophisticated.

Slim jims can also damage cars if you use them on cars with electronic wiring running through the door.

Breaking a window

When you are in a critical situation, this is the last option to consider. Here, remember that getting a replacement window will definitely cost more than even the most expensive locksmith. Second, you’re much more likely to injure yourself in the process.

Break windows only in life-threatening situations, such as if your family member or beloved animal is locked in the car during a scorching heat wave or if you’re locked out during an extreme cold spell. Before you break your window, call the police or fire department. They will treat your call as an emergency and will respond to it almost immediately.

You can always consider calling a locksmith if you need to open your car fast. Most locksmiths are available 24/7. The cost of locksmiths varies from one locksmith to another, so it’s always a smart idea to shop around. It is possible to get a quote over the phone from a reputable locksmith. The most effective way to hire a locksmith is to get quotes from a few locksmiths and then hire the cheapest one.

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