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How to stay safe during a car lockout?

How to stay safe during a car lockout?

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It feels highly frustrating and inconvenient to accidentally lock your keys inside your car while you are located far away from home or off to important work. This may happen due to many reasons and an incredibly common one- human forgetfulness. It is after you close the door of the car that you realize your keys are inside your car. We should all make it a habit to remove the key from the ignition to be the last thing to do before getting out of the car. But unfortunately, it goes out of your control at times and may get into a car lockout situation.

Panicking is quite common when you are locked out, but few right tips can help you to get back on the road sooner than you might think. Being stuck in a car lockout may cost us heavy work and our health. It is not a very pleasant experience if you do not have a spare car key handy. When you are stranded, you got to stay safe until your help arrives.

Here are a few quite sensible tips to follow to feel safe during a car lockout:

1. Call a Professional Locksmith

When you are locked out of your car without spare keys, the first and foremost thing you should do is contact a local Portland locksmith who offers emergency roadside assistance and ask for car lockout service. An automotive locksmith will provide a safe way of getting into the car without the risk of any damage done to your car with the help of the right tools and equipment. 

2. Always stay in a well-lighted area

It is very unsafe to hand around in a deserted street, mainly if you are all by yourself. If you are stuck in a dark shady area and don’t feel safe, try to walk away from that location and look for well-lit area. 

3. Avoid accepting help from strangers

You may think it is okay to fetch help from strangers, but never take help from creepy suspicious people around. There are chances that criminals will pick up on you as a target or mug you. You might think of it as a nice offer, but they could hot-wire your car and steal it. Beware and be careful around strangers.

4. Wait in a public place

Instead of waiting alone near your car and making it evident to strangers that something is wrong with your car, try and keep yourself surrounded by people. Look out for places like general stores, diners, gas stations or any place with a decent crowd. You can communicate with the locksmith and inform your whereabouts in case they arrive.

5. Keep a watch on your car

If you have stranded in a crime-ridden area, standing right outside your car and waiting for help may be dangerous. As mentioned above, it is best to wait in a public place and stay safe. Also, you might have valuables inside your car that might be visible through the windows of your car. Criminals do not care if your car is locked and how much damage they may make to break it open and steal your stuff. So, it is best to find a place such that you can watch and guard your car from a distance to make sure no one breaks in.

6. Contact a friend or family member

Try to inform and get in touch with a friend or family member by explaining your situation and ask them to stay with you until the help reaches your location. At least share your live location with your close ones and keep them updated till someone from your family or your friends gets you your spare keys. This is particularly recommended in the darker hours.

7. Do not attempt to do it yourself

Never attempt to pick the lock yourself! If you don’t know it well, you don’t know at all. Doing it by yourself can damage your lock and can complicate a simple lockout service. It can cost you the replacement of the part itself instead of a simple repair. Also, don’t attempt to climb in an unlocked window as it may cause you several injuries when you fail. Always call a professional automotive locksmith for help.

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As discussed above car lockouts can be frustrating but following few smart steps can help you be safe. And get you back into your car as quickly as possible. We at Locksmith Monkey offer emergency locksmith services for all your lockout needs and requirements. We are a locally owned business, and we are in the industry for over ten years now. Since we offer mobile locksmith services, we serve across Portland no matter wherever you are stuck we will come to your rescue and unlock your car door.

All our auto locksmiths are highly skilled and can get you to help you solve your issue in no time. If you are stuck in a lockout situation in Portland just pick up your phone and dial Locksmith Monkey’s number. We will come to your rescue right away!

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