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How to improve your front door security?

How to improve your front door security?

Front door security

The front door is the main entry point for burglars, so securing your front door with a robust security solution is one of the best ways to make your home burglar-proof. If neglected or overlooked, it can cause a serious security risk of burglary. As per the property crime statistics, most of the burglar’s break-in into the house through the front door. So, it is important to secure your front door with proper reinforcement, as it can significantly reduce future risks. 

When it comes to securing your front door, there are many ways that you can consider improving it. These security improvements are intended to get you the best possible results. However, you shouldn’t focus on just one way of securing your front door instead you can have an integrated approach that provides the highest possible security strength.

Here is a list of different ways to secure your front door:

1. Upgrade your door locks:

It’s obvious to have a good quality, properly working lock installed on your door but often times it’s overlooked by a lot of house owners. So, it’s important to choose the best quality lock for your door as it helps to improve security. Now there are a lot of lock options available for residential properties in the market. From deadbolts, dead latches, to keyless entry you can choose as per your requirement. Please note, if the lock on your front door is dysfunctional it doesn’t provide any security for your house. 

2. Install a door with a solid-core

No matter what kind of lock system you have installed on your front door it all a waste if you have a hollow front door. Installing a solid core door made of steel or solid wood will increase the security of your home. It acts as an extra security layer making it kick-proof for the burglars if they try to forcefully break-in. You can also have double doors, a metal door on the outside and a wooden door on the inside. If these two doors are locked securely it doubles the security of your entrance from unwanted visitors. The bottom line is you should always consider creating a difficult situation for the intruders so that it becomes impossible for them to access your front door. 

3. Reinforce your Door with a Strike Plate

When you close the door, the bolt is held by a metal piece that is attached to your door frame and it’s called the strike plate. It is an important element, especially in the deadbolt locking system. If you have installed a premium quality deadbolt to a poorly attached strike plate, your front door can be vulnerable to forceful break-ins. You can reinforce your deadbolt strike place using long screws that will make your front door more secure.

4. Install a Keyless Door Lock 

With the advancement in technology, home automation has revolutionized over the years. There are a lot of advanced security solutions available that helps to upgrade the security of homes. Now you can say goodbye to your keys as you can reinforce your front door with a keyless lock. Taking the help of a residential locksmith to install a keyless door lock is the best option. 

5. Install a Horizontal Door Security Bar

The horizontal security bar adds an extra security barrier making the front door kick-proof. These are made of heavy-duty metal in the form of a long bar that can be fixed to the door frame. You can easily operate your door with a horizontal bar. If you want to open the door, you just have to lift it and put it back in case you want to close the door from inside. It is one of the highly effective ways of securing your front door. 

6. Install a Security Camera or a Video Doorbell 

Security cameras and video doorbells are one of the must-have security elements for residential properties in today’s world. Installing a security camera or a video doorbell will allow you to track suspicious activity in real-time. You can always monitor with video surveillance that helps to prevent burglars from approaching your front door. So, having these security systems will be an added advantage above your reinforced door. 

Reinforce your front door security with Locksmith Monkey:

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As discussed, you can consider the above different ways to secure your front door. By taking help from a professional locksmith, you can avoid the risk of home burglary and be 100% sure about your house security. If you are looking to reinforce your front door security in PDX, Locksmith Monkey is here to help you. We offer various security solutions from a simple deadbolt, lock, and key to keyless entry, we cover it all. We not only reinforce your front door but also provide a 360-degree security solution for your entire house that helps to upgrade the security level. If you need any professional assistance to improve your front door security, contact Locksmith Monkey today! We are happy to assist you. 

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