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How to fix the key that keeps turning in its lock

How to fix the key that keeps turning in its lock

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What do you do if your key keeps turning around and around in the lock instead of making that satisfying click before it opens?

At best, it’s inconvenient when you’re back from a shopping trip. But at worst, a key that keeps turning and won’t work is a catastrophe when you urgently need to enter your home. 

So, what do you do when you’re in such a situation? 

Let’s break down what it means when your key keeps turning in the lock and won’t open the door. And we’ll look at the best way to deal with this issue. 

Signs indicating that your key won’t work

Generally speaking, a key that keeps turning in the lock doesn’t happen out of the blue. Chances are that you’ve experienced signs that your lock is about to fail but you didn’t notice the warning signs. 

Here are some issues that can appear just before or at the moment your key fails to open the door and keeps turning in place. 

  1. Your door handle is loose

Take a look at your door handle. Does it look or feel loose? If it shakes or moves around as you push and pull the door, then it’s possible that your key won’t work well. A loose door handle can cause your key to keep turning around and around without actually turning the lock. 

2. The lock has been sticking

Have you noticed that you’ve been struggling to open your lock in the recent past? In many cases, a key spinning in the lock is preceded by the lock jamming. 

Maybe you’ve struggled to turn the key fully and have had to jerk the key or shake the door to make it open. Such an experience is a sign that your lock is failing. Being aware of this fact will help you avoid a future situation where your door is stuck. 

3. Your lock looks misaligned

A major reason why your key won’t work can be when your lock hasn’t been properly installed. Take a close look at your lock, does it look misaligned? Has the locking feature been problematic from the very beginning? 

If your lock hasn’t been correctly installed, then the other signs mentioned here will appear. And it’s also possible for a badly set up lock system to lead to your key turning around over and over again.

How to fix your key not opening the door

So, we’ve looked at the major signs and causes that your lock isn’t working correctly. When you notice that there are issues when you open your door, it gives you the chance to prevent major problems. 

The next time you notice even minor issues like your key jamming or a shaky door handle, take steps to fix your lock right away. How? Read on. 

  1. Don’t try to fix the issue yourself

At first, you may feel tempted to do something on your own. However, be aware that tampering with your lock can do more harm than good. 

Locks come in varying shapes, sizes, and mechanisms. And understanding how they work and how to fix them are complex tasks that need specialized skills. 

2. Call a locksmith

Resist the urge to fix the lock yourself. Instead, call a local locksmith to help you deal with your issue. At Locksmith Monkey, we specialize in fixing a wide range of lock types. And we’re aware of how important it is to help customers who are stuck outside their homes. 

Remember, you’re likely to save more money by calling a locksmith first. An expert can determine whether your lock needs a fix or to be replaced completely. 

If you tamper with your lock, the chances are higher that you’ll damage the lock and make it necessary to buy a brand new one even if the issue was one that could be easily fixed. 


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Locks are complicated pieces of machinery that come in a variety of mechanisms. They also look different and work differently, making the task of fixing them one for the experts. 

When it comes to fixing a key that keeps turning in the lock, the best measure is a preventative one. 

Pay attention to the action of your key in the lock regularly. Does it feel wrong? Do you hear unusual noises or does your key keep getting jammed in the lock? All these issues are signs that your lock is failing in some way. You should get these issues fixed as soon as you notice them avoid the problem of a key turning in the lock without opening. 

We, at Locksmith Monkey, is your local Portland locksmiths offering the best locksmith services. Reach out to us to fix all your lock and key issues quickly and effectively. We value your safety and offer a wide variety of services to ensure that your person and property including your car, workplace, and home are secured. Get in touch!

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