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How to choose the right door lock and security measures

How to choose the right door lock and security measures

How to choose the right door lock and security measures for your business?

Every business is vulnerable to burglaries. Secure building entrances keep employees, inventory, and other property safe. Here are some types of locks and ways to enhance your overall security:  

An overview of lock types

While conventional lock-and-key doors are easy to install and require little maintenance, they provide limited security. Business and employee lives are at risk when burglars and thieves break in through a door using a small tool or sheer force.

Traditional locks are significantly improved by electronic locks. With keypad controls, card readers, automatic timers, and remote transmitters, electronic locks provide an extra layer of security. Electronic locks today come in two types:

Fail-secure: During power outages, the door instantly locks, preventing people from entering or exiting the building for increased security

Fail-safe: The door opens automatically during a power outage, allowing people inside to safely escape

Increase your business’s security by installing electrical locks at entrances. If an intruder manages to force entry into your business, he will have to rewire the system, which is a long and tedious process.  

Enhancing door security

A digital lock prevents pedestrians and intruders from entering a business. Cards can be lost or stolen, so a keypad entrance might be more suitable instead of a card reader.  

Lights & cameras enhance entryway security

By installing motion-detection lights near entrances, you can increase visibility and deter potential intruders. A well-lit entrance won’t entice criminals to stay in the area trying to get around the challenging lock.

Install a camera at the entrances of your business and it can automatically record footage and store it. In the event that intruders gain access to business owners’ door locks, footage can be used for investigation or later reviewed and evaluated.

Security systems that are multifaceted are safer than those without. It ensures employee safety and protects valuable property when a building is not in use.

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