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How does a Locksmith Monkey unlock your car door?

How does a Locksmith Monkey unlock your car door?

How do Locksmith Monkey unlock your car door

It’s so annoying when you forget your keys or accidentally lock yourself outside your car. And it’s quite common and can happen to anyone. If you experience unexpected situations like these in Portland, you can call Locksmith Monkey for help. 

We at Locksmith Monkey, provide auto locksmith services at your location if you have locked out or lost your keys. We use different yet most effective ways to safely unlock your car doors. With our unique automotive skillset and the right tools, it has made us possible to unlock thousands of car doors without any damage. 

Unlocking car doors PDX style

Our auto locksmith experts come equipped with specialized tools to help you get into your vehicle as quickly as possible. So, here are the different ways how Locksmith Monkey in PDX unlocks your car door:

1.Reprogramming for the keyless entry.

The modern-day cars come with keyless entry systems. Imagine you own a car with the keyless entry system and get locked out or lose keys, what would you do? To unlock your car, you should reprogram. At Locksmith Monkey, with our skills and expertise, we reprogram all brand car locks. We use, different programming tools for reprogramming. And once we reprogram, we unlock your car door without any damage.

2.Broken key extraction.

If your car key breaks and gets stuck within the lock of your car then, you have to take it out using an extractor. With our skillset and expertise, we at Locksmith Monkey, extract the broken keys with ease. We use the broken key extractor to remove the broken key from the lock without causing any damage. We make a new key by duplicating it which helps to unlock your car door.

3.Using Immobilizer Re-flashing.

Some vehicles come with an immobilizer which acts as an anti theft system. The immobilizer prevents the car from starting if any thief tries to steal it. But, if there is any defect in the immobilizer, the car will not start even with the key. At Locksmith Monkey, we are experts in fixing this problem. With the help of immobilizer re-flashing we unlock your car door at ease.

4. Key Analyzer.

If you have a car with a keyless entry feature, and in case you get locked out, only an auto locksmith can unlock your car. We at Locksmith Monkey provide the solution for your lock and key problem. With our expertise we will unlock the cars using a key analyzer which is also called as VATS passkey decoder. We use this technique to determine the electrical resistance values of the car. After determining the ER values, with the help of a mechanical code key cutter, we make a new key with which you can unlock your car door.

5. Using Slim Jim tool.

To unlock a car, we at Locksmith Monkey use a primary tool called Slim Jim. We insert this slim Jim tool between the glass and weather stripping of the car’s window to unlock the door. This process sounds pretty simple, but to implement, it requires a lot of experience and knowledge. We are experts in unlocking your car door using the Slim Jim tool without causing damage to the airbags or electrical parts of your car. 

6. J and L Tools.

J and L tools are specifically used to unlock older car doors with switched lock and unlock buttons. We as auto locksmith use the J tool to unlock the older car doors that helps to lift the unlock button. In some cases, cars with different car designs and models, we use L tool. The L tool is bit different from J tool yet, both are used to unlock the doors.


We understand that locking yourself out of your car is frustrating. And in that situation, one doesn’t want to stay out for a long time. So, taking help from a local auto locksmith is the best option. If you ever find yourself in an emergency in Portland, don’t forget to call Locksmith Monkey. 

Call Locksmith Monkey in Portland to unlock your car door:

How do Locksmith Monkey unlock your car door

We at Locksmith Monkey have the experience of unlocking car doors of different brands. With the use of latest methods and tools we unlock your car doors without causing any damage. We have a team of locksmith experts who assure you to provide a professional and reliable service to help you unlock your car door without any hassle. 

If you are looking for the best car unlock services in Portland, get in touch with us today! We will reach you at your location in no time. For more information, call us at (503) 866-9922.

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